The devs said there won't be localized servers but there will be translations. There are lots of potential customers in europe not playing a game, if it is not localized. If you don't offer localized servers, you should think about localized chat channels easily found and used by those people in need of them ;)


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  • Um. Sounds like the game will be localized but the servers will not be.
    Since the UI is supposed to be highly customizable by each player, I would think that includes setting up custom chat channels.
  • The servers will be localized as to region, not language. Confirmed so far are EU, NA, SEA/OCE servers. They stated that they are willing to add servers wherever they have a large enough playerbase to support the cost. Since the rumor is they are going with GoogleCloud it is simple enough for them to open new server wherever google has a datacenter. If you want language localization then you need to have the numbers to show them that it is worth for them to spend the money on it. Not vague promises of "Me and my thousands of German friends would play this game if it was offered in German." Sub up thousands of Germans, you will get a German version. (insert nationality as needed).
    They have gone over chat a few times in livestreams. Chat, just like the UI, will be able to be customized. So make a #German channel and have at it.
  • hmmn. Y'all seem to be mixing terms/concepts.... and I was a Localization manager.
    Localized server by region but not by language is a pretty convoluted oxymoron.
    Localized typically means translations - and I'm seeing that the devs have stated they will be translating Ashes of creation for major languages (French, German and Spanish).

    Regional server is designating a server for a particular region of the world to play on.
    I'm seeing that the devs will have regional servers. North America, Europe, Asia, etc.

    Ashes will not have servers designated for speakers of a particular language.

  • They have gone over chat a few times in livestreams. Chat, just like the UI, will be able to be customized. So make a #German channel and have at it.
    The point is: when ten german player (to pick a language) log in and each does its own channel, some will chat here, some there, but most don't chat anywhere in their tongue because nobody told them ;) Humans are sheep, they need guidance and some official channels would help to achieve this. Most people only use what they have been told to. They don't experiment, test or even look for information outside the game.
  • I agree with the official language channels for most major languages. Goemoe described well what might happen if the players just started some by themselves.
    Also, I know they won't be a thing, but I'm heavily against language servers because it limits your communication so much, especially if you speak more than one language.
  • I usually ignore the chat anyways.
    I'm either chatting via twitch or chatting via skype/discord or both.
  • Local chat channels are standard in localized MMOs that don't have language-bound servers, and I would expect Ashes to be no exception. Just please, give us the option to both choose which channel to join and also choose to join multiple channels, so for example a German speaker would still be able to interact with both the English AND the German community.
  • I would love if chat window could be fully customizable (like for example in Allods Online):

    - do chat tabs how ever you want
    - add chat channels to different chat tabs
    - separate chat tabs from main window and place them elsewhere
    - change channel colors
    - sound notification for certain channels (PM), or for certain people
    - time stamps on/off, channel name on/off,...

    All optional and customizable. If old MMOs had this, there is no reason that new ones can't.

    Some MMOs chose not to implement all this and chat in there usually sucks. Specially if all channels come in same color. Channel colors are a must.
  • ^ +1 to the channel colours....ah sd it +1 to all of @Gothix points.

    Judging from the comments here, I must be one of those rare people who keeps a constant eye on the chat happenings.....with the exception of general world chat...that toxic one...but I'm sure that ashes won't have that issue :)
  • Something interesting to see, since Intrepid wants to "Make MMO great again",  is staff watching public chats (the server wide ones, not the loyal /say chat) for inapropriate behavior and toxicity and issue punishments accordingly.

    Public chats are features that are meant to be used, but for said reasons people do not, and that is the publishers fault alone for letting people get so spoiled and allow them to do and say whatever they want.
    (I hope this doesn't trigger the american "free speech" activists again, but some things are better left unsaid, even if you have the right to say it)

    As for chat customization, if players are able to create their own chat channels, then I would like to see some management options as well, for instance chat moderators, password protect your chat channel or make your channel "invite only". 
  • Not a spanish specific server or something like that. That would split to community. Also probbaly if there was a local server for my country I wouldnt play on it.
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    Americans have a right of free speech, but afaik (I'm not American) hate speech is not allowed and also if you publicly lie about someone, in both cases the target of your speech can sue you and then court rekts you for your money.

    So perhaps those that will be hateful and toxic in public chats, or lie about someone can be punished by temporary bans (from public channels at least), but ALSO with amount of currency that would be taken from their account and go to victim of such hate speech.
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