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Should Tulnar be bat based?

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Should the Tulnar be bat people? 
I know they're a mix of races but should bats be one of them?
(I'm talking about Batman in another thread so it gave me this idea)


  • Decisions, decisions. I mean he is a DARK knight.
  • This is a very specific question. I don't have strong feelings about this since I'm probably not going to choose Tulnar anyway, but if people want that to be a thing and Intrepid is fine with making that a thing, I wouldn't object.
  • I don't think they should be bat based but I certainly hope they can be batlike. That would be pretty sweet.
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    Bats are mammals, so, seems likely their features will be among the options.
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    we could make them frog people ^^
  • Frogbats! 
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    I hate dark chocolate, ever since a French exchange where i ate so much of the stuff I ended up chundering over the side of a ferry.... you have now spoilt batman for me for ever.

    I hope you're happy. :neutral:
  • Just because they live underground they have to be bats now? Next thing you tell me is that lizards are secretly invading society. Very funny.
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