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Linux support

Does anyone know what support there will be for Linux support? Even  if no actual Linux port, will there be any support given to Wine users.

I recently, finally, switched to a full Linux machine at home, and I am feeling the pain of unreliability with some of my favourite games. I am still very new to Wine so have no real idea how to debug or work-around issues yet. I am starting the journey to get more involved in Wine and to try and get a few games working that don't currently. Hopefully by the time this game comes out I will be experienced enough to get it working, but some sort of dev contact/involvement would still really help.

Even better if the game ran natively in Linux!!


  • Intrepid haven't ruled out Linux support, but since they are a small studio where they focus their efforts will most likely be guided by market demand. The good news is that Unreal Engine 4 does support the Linux platform, so the effort of doing this will be within the realms of feasibility 
  • Good question, and I think, even if the Devs and up not supporting it. I'm sure there will be those tech savvy enough to make it work, and post extensive guides on these forums to help others make it work. 
  • Thanks for the feedback, and that sounds really positive. I hope I get an alpha key so I can get started on helping with this as early in the process as possible.

  • The more platforms we get (not console) the better

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    If AoC would work with Vulcan that would be awesome (UE4 supports it).

    I think Vulcan would be a lot smarter move than DX-anyVersion, as so many players are still on windows 7 (check statistics on web if you doubt it) and Vulcan offers DX12+ performance without requiring windows 10, which so many players will not go for (I am one of the players that will never install Spydows 10 for example).

    Vulcan, since is multi platform, is also supported by Linux. And as multi platform solution leaves all doors open for the feature.

    Anyone has any idea will AoC support Vulcan?
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    @Karthos is that you or are you just posting random pictures around the place? :o
    Just random pictures!

  • The focus at this time has been on Windows. They have stated there maybe expansion work to include additional OS support down the road but not something targeted for launch.
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