Collector's Edition?

So I recently cleaned out my closet, and found some old goodies from Collector's Editions. And some are really good, some less so. Now, I am not sure, but I think Ashes will be a digital thing. As in no boxed copies. I might have remembered wrongly, or thinking of something else entirely. So I can't quote it for you. But, operating from that premise, for the time being. As most of us will already have a digital copy because we backed the game.

Would you like to see an actual physical Collector's box? An artbook, lore of the races, perhaps a mini-novel telling a story from the world we left behind to get back to Verra. Perhaps a statue of the portal stones? A themed authenticator, maybe?

Would you like the CE to be an option?
Would you want one?
If not, would you mind others have it?
And if you do want one? What would some of the things be you'd like to see the CE box contain? 


  • Sounds like a good idea to me. I'd pre-order one for sure :smiley:
  • if I get a mini nagash model and some lore books then whats another £200
  • This sounds like a cool idea. I'd just like a t-shirt and maybe a small figure if I got such a collector's edition.
  • I'd be interested if one would be included in the price I already paid.

    Otherwise I am neutral about the whole idea. Nice to have, but not really a must.
  • 100% would go for a boxed CE. 
  • As long as it came with a smoking emote and an ingame "Vape Lord" title I'm in.
  • There won't be any Box price in itself tho, but some form of separate art package would be cool to be able to buy. 
  • I think the closest we will get to any of this will be items sold in the store.  I still have my CE items from years past.
  • I feel like a collectors probably won't happen. The game has no box price and will be digital download. They're already selling limited edition item packages so if there was a "Collectors edition." it would just be an in game item package most likely.
  • There was discussion during one of the livestreams of compiling some sort of art development journal in a book form in the future that might be for sale. All part of the branching out plan of global dominance.
  • Not my thing, but if there's demand for it, as there obviously is, why not?  

    It'd be nice if there were, that serious consideration were given to 'quality' above 'shiney stocking fillers' , if so that might make me splash out... but thats  just my opinion (a lot of people seem to adore tacky space fillers. Not sure why. People, I dont get them....)
  • An art book and a novel* (since I am under the impression the goal is to write one anyways) would suffice for me as far as a CE goes. If there was going to be a figurine I would prefer a small Divine Gate as opposed to a miniature. We use miniatures a lot when we RP but I've never desired a mini from a game/book/etc. I would display the gate at work, a mini will just end up on a shelf with all the others.

    *I would be okay with waiting for the 1st novel to receive the CE (as long as it was signed by the team)
  • Many lovely ideas :) Another reason for CE's would be for people in Europe. Right now, stores of all games I know. Are US based. They have no depots in Europe. Which results in obscene import costs and shipping. I bought a WoW item in their shop. A plushy. And I ended up paying nearly triple. An CE would be sold in game stores and this problem becomes far less. As they buy in bulk.

    I would love a hardcover novel. Call me old and cranky, but the scent of a book, the feel of the pages, it beats an e-reader. 
  • We know that Intrepid want to franchise so it will be interesting to see what they do when launch comes around to celebrate the beginning if their journey ^^
    I would love a "collectors edition" (even if it is goodies alongside a digital download) to resemble the start of their franchise :D

    I think a developers art book is a great idea or even a "scrap book" compiled with sketches, concept art, photos from events they attend and then up to some game screenies to show their development over the years :3 
    I also think a Divine Gateway model would be better over a miniature. Heck you could have 4 collectors edititions themed off of the four Divine Gateways ^^

  • I meant those gateways as a statue/miniature model. As far as themed CE's go. I have always LOVED that idea. But, I think it might have worked better for a game like WoW. A horde themed one and an alliance themed one. Before the homogenisation of the factions.

    That being said, if they'd make them themed, I would NOT complain :D
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