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Creating this PROBLEM ticket as a parent of the many child tickets associated with the Forums Search Bar not functioning.

Latest update: 10-05-2017 The team at Intrepid is very well aware of this issue with the forums Search Bar not functioning. While there is no current ETA for resolution, Intrepid is currently working to hire resources, such as a Web Dev, to address this and other outstanding Problems with the forums. Thank you for your continued patience.


  • Either i can't find out how the search function of this forum works or it's just broken. No matter what i'm searching for it allways says "no results" even if i search for "Ashes".....
  • Some bug's do exist still, the web-team is working on fixing them a.s.a.p
  • It doesn't bring back any searches, is this option broken I would love to able to search the forums without having to read through every thread created. If it works for anyone please let me know in a reply with what words or phrases bring back results.
  • There are still some bugs running around that the webteam is currently working on, this will be addressed soon :) 
  • Hi.  Do you know when the search function will be fixed?  Everytime i put something in the search feild .. no matches are found.  I would have searched to see if this was asked before .. but I couldn't .  Here is an example of a search  i tried.  
  • We have no eta on the search bar :(
  • Thanks!
  • yep this is something they are working on :smile:

  • Thanks! Thought I was just doing something wrong. Glad to know it isn't just me :)

  • Wanted to look up a specific guild on the recruitment forums, didn't find. Scrolled through, the post was on the first page. Something is not working here. For example, I tried searching 'Blue Dawn' without the " ' ", and got no results.
  • We're working with our web team on it. Thanks for the heads up!
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    I’m trying to search but i keep getting "No results" message, i have tried searching for node, ashes, freehold and other stuff but all i get is No results.

  • I just tested it and yeah, it is probably broken unless there is a specific way to use it that is complicated. Which probably means you're going to have to manually search :[
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    This is a known issue and most likely being worked on.  We just moved over to these new forums.
    If you have any questions perhaps someone in the community can help you. Knowledge is limited at present as we all wait anxiously for the tidbits they give us.
  • Correct this is a known issue and the team is addressing it :smile:

  • its never worked
  • Does "Search" work on the forums? Anything I search for--I always get "No results." Seems strange...was wondering if I am the only one who gets this.
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    Yeah, I tried a few times and got the samething.
  • the search function is not working in the moment ;) they are on it now
  • Search don't work.
  • One day we won't have to search for the search function.   :p
  • Thank you:)
  • I've tried to use the forums search a few times but it never seems to give me any results. I try to be as vague as possible even to the point of putting one word that is seen often in the forums.
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    currently the search bar doesnt work this is a known issue and the web team will address this soon. 
  • It's a known bug @Loyheta. The web team have been notified and are working on it. So hopefully it will be fixed SoonTM :)

    It's not as classy, but if you type the following into Google search, you should be able to find some things in the meantime...

  • As this has been responded to, I'll go ahead and close the ticket. There'll be an announcement when the features of the forums that are currently glitchy, are fixed :) thanks guys. 
  • When I'm searching for PAX the site says "no result found". But I know there are some PAX Topics in the Forum. Looks like the search engine took an arrow in the knee...
  • hi atm the search bar currently doesn't work, the team will be fixing this up soon :smile:

  • Thank you for the super fast response. Good Luck.
  • We are aware of the Search Bar function not working on the forums. I have combined all tickets for this feature fix to this single thread pending resolution. We do not yet have an ETA for this fix but do anticipate work to begin soon on it. Thank you for your continued patience.
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