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Hi! So I'm Fiain, or Fi. I've been keeping a rather distant eye on Ashes of Creation so far, but I figure.. it looks really great so far and I wanna know more and be more involved. If anyone reads this - what's your favorite part of Ashes so far?


  • First of all, Welcome!!! It may sound corny, but my favorite part so far is the potential for great RP based story. The RP Community is amazing so far and with AoC having player driven story, I'm excited to see what we craft as a community.  What is your favorite? 
  • I read a bit that... the players, shape the world? And if that's the case.. oh boy, sign me up! I think the ability to shape the world would be... amazing. And the RP potential? *grins* It seems perfect for what I want in a game XD
  • Warm welcome @Fiain. That's my favorite part of Ashes too :love:
  • Welcome to the forums @Fiain! The community is my favorite. The Ashes community is the most non toxic group I have ever been around in my gaming life.
  • @Flain Glad you could join us on the forums. My favorite part of Ashes is the developers commitment to the no pay to win model. Also the sandals and the community.
  • Well, it sounds like a community that I'll like, then! I'm happy I decided to make an account :)
  • Welcome @Fiain :) My favorite part so far is waiting for the next Alpha 0 key draw if there is ever going to be another one ;)
  • Welcome to the community :) 
  • greeting @Fiain and welcome to ashes of creation may your journey with us be long and entertaining ^^
  • What I like most about Ashes would be Steven and in extension the team. They are a bunch of down to earths that don't hype up Ashes as "the next big revolutionising next gen WoW killer".
    It's a game, it's a game built on what made mmos good in the first place and we are bringing that back and make it better. We are making something good in it's own right for it's own player base.
    That attitude is what got me here and what keeps me here. Simple as that.

    So welcome, I pray, so the sandal gods may bless you with your own pair of sandals. May our pilgrimage be in comfort into this new land.
  • Welcome @Fiain! My favorite part so far is the pedigree that comes with AoC. Some of my most loved games were made by the same people making this game. I have no doubt that AoC will be the new bar in fantasy MMORPGs.
  • Welcome welcome @Fiain to the community :smiley:

  • Hello there and a warm welcome to the Community <3
  • Welcome to the Ashes hype train community!  Grab an ale and join us as we get to know each other!
  • Welcome @Fiain! ^^ My favourite part so far are the immersion that is planned and the diverse class system.
  • Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.

  • *gifts @fiain with an empty quote box to welcome them to the forums*

    A belated welcome.
    I'm loving the communing and looking forward to the rp :smiley:
  • Since the thread just popped up, belated welcome to the community and hype train!
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    Hello @Fiain and welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your ride on the hype train! :)
  • Megs said:

    *gifts @fiain with an empty quote box to welcome them to the forums*

    A belated welcome.
    I'm loving the communing and looking forward to the rp :smiley:
    stop necroing posts thats my job ^^
  • I'm just so behind with welcoming people...  :(
  • Better than welcoming people with your behind ;)
  • At least it'd be a warm welcome...
  • Welcome at @fiain Happy to have you here!

    I'm fairly new myself and honestly, I'm really enjoying the "hype train" everyone is so excited for this game that you can't help but be drawn into it
  • Welcome to the crew, always a pleasure to see newcomers!
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