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I just joined here, think the games idea is simply amazing as a 10 year wow veteran! :smiley:

So as I have played many mmorpg's etc. I have naga mmo witch is the best mouse for these so I was wondering how much spells classes have / will have since you can/must go prestige class.
I like that people would have at least like 20-30 spells of any kind, because I think the only reason I didn't like guild wars 2 was the lack of spells, ye the abilities were dope and so on but using like under 10 spells while leveling to max was simply boring you know. I want to feel that good old progression with you character like in vanilla wow, it doesn't need to be so slow to level or anything but the feeling of you getting more powerful as your class is just awesome feeling!
and btw what kind of leveling will this game have and the level cap?


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    Jeffrey the lead designer of Ashes gave an >>estimate<< on that during PAX.
    There will be >>>up to<< 12 active skills, also several passives. Those will be your active skills, they are not the only skills tho, just the ones you chose to have at the time. There will be an extensive skill pool from which you can mix and match your active skill set/passives.
    You want more action combat, you will be able to choose skills that are more action oriented. Want to have a day of relaxed clicking? You will have enough options.

    Source: One of the random PAX stream QnA.
  • Intrepid have said they are going to go with fewer than 30 active skills on at one time (source: Deltias Gaming Livestream Q&A).

    In terms of progression, there will be vertical level-oriented skill progression and horizontal progression, that allows you to augment your existing skills with abilities from your secondary class, religion etc. 

    Leveling will be slow in Ashes of Creation, but not overly grindy.

    You will not need to be max level to enjoy the content.

  • Ty for the answers! not a bad skills idea, was gonna mention something about that coz that sure is something I like! everything about this game seems so gooood :3 hope its not too ambitious that they wont leave stuff out! but the introduction video sounded very professional so I am quite assured :smile:
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