Character Class (Tamer)

I was wanting to know if there was any consideration on adding a tamer class .In times pass I had a blast with my Mage/Tamer on ultima online. Even ranger/ tamer is  fun because I always had my personal tank 


  • Tamer could be a sub-class of Ranger.
    But, seems likely to fall under Artisan, rather than Archetype.
    And seems likely to be related to Animal Husbandry.
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    @dygz hit it on the head. Taming has been stated to be part of animal husbandry. Whether all characters will have basic taming ability that would allow them to procure their first mounts or whether it will be farther in the tree under gathering or processing has not been answered.

    If you are looking for a class that tames then uses pets in battle, then no. Mounts/mules are stated to have limited combat functionality, and no mounted combat per say. Summoner would be your go to class for using pets in battle.
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  • Hunter - summoner maybe xD 
  • Exactly what @Dygz and @UnknownSystemError had stated ;)
    Taming will be part of the Artisan tree. Our understanding of the depth of the artisan trees is still unknown.

    As for classes I think a tamer like class will be summoner/ranger or summoner/fighter
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