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RESOLVED - Forums / Account Password Reset not functioning

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edited December 2017 in Forum and Discord Help
The PW reset functionality found here - does not function as intended.
  • When email is input into the field, an email is generated to the end user. When the link in the email is clicked it in many cases does not take the user to the PW reset page but rather links right back to begin the process again. This does not occur in all cases but in some browsers, such as Firefox, some users state that the function does work as intended.
  • To log a ticket with the Customer Support (CS) team, please navigate to and in the bottom right of the screen click on the "? Support" tab. This will take you to a text bar. Enter in "Password reset" and hit enter. This will populate a Contact Us tab. Please select this and fill out the forum with the appropriate details.
Latest update: 10-05-2017 The team at Intrepid is very well aware of this issue that the password reset function is not working as intended. While there is no current ETA for resolution, Intrepid is currently working to hire resources, such as a Web Dev, to address this and other outstanding Problems with the forums. Thank you for your continued patience.

PS: should you wish to contribute examples below please feel free to do so.


  • UPDATE: Issues is typically found to be related to individual browser configuration. Recommend utilizing another browser if having an issue. Typically successful in Chrome, Firefox and most others.
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