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PROBLEM - Account Lost License Key function not working (Master log)

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edited October 2017 in Forum and Discord Help
The lost license key functionality of the the account dashboard - does not function. When inputting the email address associated with an account, the feature returns an error msg of: No License keys were found for your email address

At this time for lost license keys (KickStarter for ex) the appropriate next step is to send an email to [email protected] containing the following:
  • Email address of account:
  • Backer number (If KickStarter):
  • Receipt of purchase:
UPDATE: To log a ticket with the Customer Support (CS) team, please navigate to and in the bottom right of the screen click on the "? Support" tab. This will take you to a text bar. Enter in "Lost key" and hit enter. This will populate a Contact Us tab. Please select this and fill out the forum with the appropriate details.

A response takes typically < 1 week. If in >1 week you have not received a response, please DM a Moderator in Discord.
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