The Written Word: Enabling player-driven roleplay and information-gathering

Ashes of Creation is in a prime position to introduce a journaling skill, and I believe it could only help foster community and roleplay.

Imagine, after the servers have opened, players take the steps to transform a small camp into a fledgling village. Paper would be needed to assign property to this lord or that governor. Now, I know this sounds Very Exciting™, but I'm not suggesting that players can specialize in making pulp to enable bureaucracy. However, it's a given that information will be written down by any civilization, and if it can be done implicitly by game mechanics, it could be introduced explicitly.

There's a lot that could be done with journaling. The most obvious function would be books - some would want to write autobiographies, others might jot down personal notes, and a person or two might decide to chase down a deposed king and his guild to tell the story of their downfall. But my own odd fantasy is writing periodicals - a monthly update for the guild on goals or accomplishments, without the aid of an outside website. Or a collaborative report between Guilds A and B on their exploration of the canyon to the south. Or, perhaps, a monster-hunting guild has recruited a writer/researcher to publish in-game reports on monsters, their habitats, and their weaknesses.

I, for one, would be happy to pay 25 schmeckles for a new book to fill out my shelves.


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    <strong>*Cough* <a href="https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/townnode-building-library/" target="_blank">This thread</a>*Cough*</strong>

    Sounds nice, especially the skill part :) But the link above covers about half of the idea ;)

    Personally I always though MMO's need a proper "paper"-skill, like taking important nodes, making contracts etc. Right now the only thing that comes to mind is the "transcript" profession in WoW, but thats nothing like you mention.
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    Ha, I didn't see that thread! Well, sounds like you've got me mostly covered in that department. :p
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    Well you can still add to the idea ;)
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