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Small Collection of Stories (LordSlashington)

Note: This could be long to read for one sitting, i would recommend only reading 1 part first and then take a small break to chill doing something else, take however long you want between each little story, you don't need to write them in any order, its just basically a small "collection" of stories of no significance other than being small stories! :)
Part 1: Albertus the Fire Mage
It was night, the rain was pouring and there was fog everywhere.
Albertus, a mage who was excellent at fire magics, tried to use fire to lighten up the area, it was probably around 2 am and he was lost in the woods, at this point it felt more like a jungle that was slowly closing in on him, trapping him in the process.
At one point he felt so enclosed and it turned so dark even with a ball of flame in his hand it would only illuminate enough to be able make out the closest trees which he assumes to be 4 meters away from him, never before having seen darkness like this Albertus begins to get panic attacks and starts to run through the wooded area!
After he's been running for what appeared to be an hour hoping to stumble upon a road, instead he seemed to come right back to where he first started to take off running, apparently hes been running in a circle, or that was his first thought, now he tried to change the course, to no avail however, he still ended up the same exact place, now all hope seems gone, its like being in limbo.
After he had gathered his strength, he started to hear some wierd noises, sounds like screams coming from south, Albertus confused went to check, only to be met with a house on fire, outside, there was a young girl and a older woman, when Albertus got close his heart sank 500 miles deep, as what he saw, was his mother and sister that died from burns just outside the house, he began to continue, after 5 minutes of walking he found another area that was lighted up, this time it was a big guard tower with guards running out of the door on flames and he could see explosions of flames coming out from the top of the tower, he could make out a sight of a man in robes inside the tower shooting out flames burning everything and everyone.
Albertus ran all he could from this horrid sight, as he ran he slowly got away from the tower and all of a sudden a town appeared right infront of him, puzzled he entered through the gate, after 2 minutes of watching from one end of the town as the whole town was asleep, he noticed a figure at the other side appearing, pulling his hands out to every side as a big gulf of flames spawned out of his hands engulfing every single house touched on fire and all Albertus could hear was the screams of horror as innocent people running out the houses while on fire and didn't make it very far until they fell to the ground and began losing their voice and stopped breathing and moving.
Albertus had enough and quickly left the town to stop himself from tearing up, he slowly started walking away, didn't get far though before he started hearing a howl and saw something in the trees stalking him while jumping from tree to tree, knowing something was lurking after him, he started to slowly move faster and faster, until he could hear a thud behind him, with panic he started to run, except it was already too late, something grabbed his shoulder and he fell to the ground, what he saw above him terrorised him completely and before he could even scream, his jaw was missing, he slowly felt each of his ribs getting removed one by one and he was bleeding extremely, before dying he could see the figure holding his heart in its hand, as it began devouring his heart, that was when his last breath went.
Part 2: Alissende the Thief
She woke up at roughly 3 in the morning, couldn't sleep for some reason and decided to walk outside, it was cold, perhaps a bit too cold but went out anyway, she had the sense of being watched and didn't like it one bit, so Alissende decided to go for a walk, knew the perfect route that was good at losing people when being stalked as its something she has gone through alot as a professional thief that gets many enemies in all professions imaginable.
This time it was different though, she kept having the feeling and couldn't lose him, her or whatever "it" was that was stalking her.
She ended up getting lost because she never walked that far away from the town, doesn't help it is night either, she thought to herself "what now?", with nothing to do and feeling lost all while still being stalked by something, she was not happy and slowly began getting really stressed out to the point she had no rational thought, she got up and ran, further into the forest next to the town hoping it would lead somewhere.
After a little while she came across a old dirty road, not thinking about the situation she just thought to follow it, after about 5 minutes of walking along the road, she came across what looked like a mine, with light coming from inside, Alissende didn't know if she wanted to go in or just ignore it, before she had thought much she saw the shadow of someone appearing, quickly hiding in a bush next to her, a figure of what seems to be a woman came out with what appears to be a bag full of something, likely valuables, then the mysterious woman took out a dynamite and threw it under the entrance making it blow up and stones falling down blocking the whole entrance, then Alissende could hear people in distress on the other side of the stones, all the while the woman was just standing there laughing like a maniac at them until she decided to leave with whatever she had in that bag, Alissende scared of what she had just witnessed ran the opposite direction.
After having ran for 4. minutes straight, she came across a mansion in the middle of the woods, the door was wide open and still had some torches lit inside it, when she entered to see if someone was alive, she could see on the walls that some paintings had been taken off since there was dust on the wall except where the paintings would of been, going deeper into the mansion, it began to smell alot worse, when she entered the kitchen, she saw what would appear to be multiple bodies of people of different ages, all appears to have been mutilated by what appears to be daggers judging from the cuts.
Almost vomiting Alissende ran right out the door and away from the mansion.
After 2 minutes of straight running as far away from the mansion as possible, she started to hear sounds, like branches breaking in the distance, the wind screeching, an odd almost beastly sounding grunt coming from behind.
Hysterically looking all around her to be sure that nothing is near her, it begins to quiet down a bit, to the point where she slowly began to regain her composure.
Didn't go long until there was one big howl coming from right above her head, as she looked up all she could see was a big shadowy figure coming from above her and the next thing she knew, she fell on her knees and saw a paw that made its way through her chest, with some seriously sharp claws.
This is when she knew this was the end of her and everything began to fade away turning to nothing but blackness!
Part 3: Ixidor the Brute
(To be continued)

Part 4: Larrara the Torturer
(To be continued)

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