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[NA] Hardcore player seeking like minded guild

Hey there, I have recently began to take an interest in AoC and it really does seem like my kind of game, I am looking to find a guild with similar goals/interests as mine to progress throughout the game with. 

I consider myself 'hardcore' when I am really into a game it consumes quite literally all of my free time, when the game launches I plan on taking a few weeks off of work to get a head start and solidify myself as close to the top as I am able, I have experience in high end competitive team environments, I was a top 10 US World of Warcraft raider as well as a top rated (2500 in S5,6 and 7) on BG9 healer (I play Holy Paladin and Disc Priest) and have had other high end results in various game that I am happy to share/verify at your request.

I'm really looking for people who are coordinated and serious about getting stuff done, this is obviously all in the name of fun but I don't consider being mediocre fun, competition is what I really enjoy and I enjoy being competetive in all aspects of the game when it comes to MMOs, PvE, PvP, Achievements, etc.

And again while this all sounds very serious I promise I am anything but once you get to know me, I am extremely dedicated and committed to playing my best at all times but I like to laugh and mess around while doing it, and hopefully I can find other people that are able to enjoy themselves while becoming better.

Let me know if you think we may be a good match for each other, I am still learning about the game as are most people here but I really think that it's what I am looking for. Have a great day.
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