Full Belly [Cooking Based Support Guild]

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Full Belly's purpose in AoC will be supporting other players with the best food on the server.
Daily activities will include: engaging in PvE to acquire ingredients, discovering new cooking recipes, and producing food to be sold through food halls and taverns on guild members' freeholds. The only requirement I seek from those wishing to join is that they intend to have a profession related to food. That profession can be from the gathering, processing or crafting progression path for the artisan class. All will be needed since I would like to keep food production all within the guild.

I have no intention to be a tyrannical guild leader instead I hope to build a guild for those seeking a relaxed game experience, but still want to play an important role on the server. I will be honest that I do not have a lot of experience as a guild leader as such I would l like to decide on all guild matters in a democratic fashion. Meaning instead of having some guild hierarchy every guild members' voice would carry equal weight in discussions and as guild leader I would implement whatever decision is reached as a guild.

If this sounds like the guild for you then become my friend on discord(id: Ninakuchukia#0128) or just leave comments if you think a guild such as the one I am planning on creating has a place in AoC.

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