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[EU] Blue Dawn | PVX | Discord | Semi-Hardcore | Casual |

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✧Who Are We✧

Blue Dawn is a semi-hardcore PvX EU based guild. We currently hold over 160 members, each with the aim to explore, create, and utilize the content within Ashes of Creation.Of course we will be doing PvE content such as; Raids, Sieges, World Bosses, Etc. Our guild will be very present PvP the game has to offer as well, be it World PvP or instanced Battlegrounds/Arenas.

Blue Dawn follows a strict militaristic structure. There are lots of ranks for members to work their way through, each with their own unique and important responsibilities. Only through dedication and activity will members earn the chance to rise through the rank.

✧Blue Dawn in A.O.C✧

As a guild, we have formed many ideas for our existence throughout Ashes of Creation. We’ve discussed becoming hired Defense and/or muscle for the caravan system. Assisting ally guilds in either protecting or raiding caravans for a percentage of the profit. We also have a very dedicated crafters branch, for those who will be spending most of their time on that aspect of Ashes.

Your Playstyle in Game
Would you describe yourself as a Hardcore 10 hour a day player? Maybe you can only log on for an hour or two. Blue Dawn understands that not everyone can no life, thus we offer a community for everyone to progress and have fun, with a symbiotic relationship between all types of playstyles.

✧Join Now✧

All in all, Blue Dawn is a great place for new and old gamers to come and interact with one another. We are open to anyone joining our ranks.

Please Join our Discord if you have any further questions:


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