Underwater Content?

Hello i was wondering if there would be any underwater content and if so, would we be limited by our breath or will there be devices or consumables we can craft to extend our time spent underwater. Thanks!


  • I don't think anything along those lines have been confirmed or denied, but @Steven did say something like "We will make ocean content great again".
  • @Rawr

    First things first, welcome to our family! Nice having you around. Have you already checked the <a href="https://discordapp.com/invite/ashesofcreation">Discord</a> out?
    Concept Art, our ideas and the majority of the community is active there. What are you waiting for? :)


    Well, underwater content must be done right. Most of the time it's not.
    How should it look like for me?</strong>

    - Underwater breathing restrictions - players can only stay under water a certain amount of time...
    <em>"Oceanic Race" is also restricted! Yes, to a lower exten but they can't stay under water indefinite</em>
    - Different weapons - different spells...
    <em>Spells are only usable under water, different from their terrestrial counterparts. When used correctly they can enhance how long one can stay underwater</em>
    - Safe places - rooms / areas with oxygen...
    <em>self-explanatory, it should take maybe a minute or so to restore your stamina (breathing bar)</em>
    - Debuff - [Oxygen Deprivation]...
    <em>When staying underwater for an extended period of time you will be struck with a debuff. Your hit-rate is decreased by several %</em>
    - Oxygen potions (rare)
    <em>They could be given out once a day as a 'token' to enter a dungeon (idea)</em>

    Let's read your thoughts!

    ~ Zention
  • Hidden underwater dungeons that are next to impossible to find!
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