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Raid and Epic Quest Lore

Well as the name states(and i know this is probably a bit early) I'm wondering what ideas you guys my have for some of the Epic quest lines we will be getting/raids. Im hoping and assuming IS isn't going to go with the "cookie cutter" quest lines and know Big castle with bad guy in it...go kill him type things.


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    Hi @Bloodmero,

    There's limited information available at the moment but Steven has said that world bosses will come to exist as a reaction to the node system, so for example, someone goes mining and wakes up a beat of the deeps. As nodes advance they'll trigger world bosses, but they could also get triggered by exploration. The world boss will just sit there for a while but if left alone, they will eventually start de levelling the node during sieges. Players within the community will have a choice to deal with it before or after it gets to the node (before would be better?).

    Not all world bosses will attack nodes however. They could trigger status effects like perm winter in your node until someone kills it. The fact is some nodes will grow and some won't and the world bosses will play a part in that. In effect, if the node never grows beyond stage 3 they will never see certain world bosses that other servers might. Getting world firsts on bosses will really be a long term goal in Ashes from what I understand.

    World bosses drop the higher tier mats needed for weapons and gear, which in light of what I've just stated, possibly means that certain gear will only be able to be crafted on certain servers which is quite crazy to consider.  They will also drop mounts (dragon egg), some exclusive with a timer of 30 days on them.

    As for raids, we still don't know too much, only that there'll be groups for 8 people to 40 people and also dungeons for soloers as well as groups. I hope this helps a little :)

  • We can go the classic lines of epic quest with just doing the raid every week but thats boring.

    So maybe something lore/open question based questlines. A questlines that can be unique for everyone else cause he makes the decisions and answers.

    That can go through talking to the spirits of the raid bosses that lead you to X or Z and so it continues.
  • I wouldn't mind some basic cookie cutter quests for those that can't totally dedicate hours a day to it, but I like this open world/dynamic idea. I'll be taking two weeks off to play when it goes live. 
  • Community raid brainstorming...go go.

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