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A Tavern Guild

Good afternoon people of the Community!

I've been reading threads that mention the use of taverns and Inns in AoC. They vary from whether bard will be able to play in them, will you get bonuses from eating/sleeping/drinking there, will you be able to have drunken bar fights, or will they even be populated at all.

Whether or not Taverns/Inns will have real utility and sociability in the game is still up for design and announcement. I, however, thought that maybe starting a thread based on spreading the idea of something (Not recruitment) could help plant the seed for Taverns.

Many people have expressed their desire to own a tavern, and or participate in the fun/utility in visiting one. Players though might find it hard to get good locations for their taverns based on the Node they are in, or maybe they are short on supplies and cannot afford to travel or purchase certain good because all their gold is in their Tavern/Inn. 

I thought that maybe a Guild/Business that was based solely on the creation of taverns and enriching the development of said tavern and Nodes sounded fantastic. Helping supply guards, gathering supplies, Players that RP, developing trade routes. All these seem like basic uses for a tavern that people might not be so interested in.
But, if taverns develop the way I hope they do, they will small hubs for buffs, repairs, resupplying, to pick up players for parties/adventures/raids, issuing and receiving quests, and most of all meet new friends and maybe start a guild together (Fun Fact: the United States Marine Corps was founded in a tavern). I don't wish to create this guild (or at least at this moment), but see if there or many adventurers that have thought about taverns but didn't know where to begin.

I would like to hear all your opinions and whether or not this is something the community would wish to support! Anything you wish to add on or any information that could prove beneficial please share! If this became reality, the world of Verra could become a lot friendly and productive place. 


  • Could a guild own territory in multiple nodes? That might restrict the locations of the guilds Inns, maybe it would take multiple players being citizens in multiple nodes in order to provide equal trade and communications.

    Also, the guild could be an opportunity for investment and incentive to claim areas where there are resources. 

    Say you can only travel a limited distance once you've gathered the ore you were mining with a small party from your guild. Maybe you want to get to storing or transporting your resources asap so you can not be in danger of getting Pk'd for your Mats or you can competitively continue gathering said ore. 
    Maybe if you clear the area and communicate with Tavern Guild you can pioneer a new tavern that could be part of a trade route so you wouldn't have to travel so far to relinquish your plunder. 
    Play owned Inns/Taverns might also have sale stands, farms, and blacksmiths around their land, so you can resupply and trade so you can continue your adventures. It would also give the incentive to protect the caravans because they're carrying your personal big hull.

    But this is all theory and ideas so *Shrugs*
  • I really hope they make taverns be able to be owned by players, this could possibly lead to people making economic and gold based guilds to create taverns and shops helping to make a node feel more like a city. Taverns could have events created by the owner and maybe nights were they sell stuff cheaper if you will be able to own and sell from a tavern. Another cool idea posted on the forums was the brawling tavern! Have a tavern with an arena be set up so people could come and visit the tavern and get some buffs or rest while watching some cool fights!
  • Player owned taverns are confirmed where certain profits will go to the owner.
  • Yes! The brawling tavern was @Fleelix's idea, he and I discussed this Tavern guild and it's possibilities before I began this thread!

    There's a lot of possibilities with this thread, I hope the community takes part in the discussion and maybe a developer see's it  :#
  • Ashes of Franchising? :smiley:  I think it would be pretty neat and kind of the point with player run establishments to built a network of goods and services.  The game is supposed to be all about player agency so why not entrepreneurship!
  • TLDR: Ale, Mead, Need or Greed?

    Jokes, I am very intrigued with how Freeholds and taverns will pan out for the overall community.
  • Kalkaz said:
    Yes! The brawling tavern was @Fleelix's idea, he and I discussed this Tavern guild and it's possibilities before I began this thread!

    There's a lot of possibilities with this thread, I hope the community takes part in the discussion and maybe a developer see's it  :#
    Lets get some beers. xD
  • If could be interesting if inns and taverns had ranks and levels. For example, experience based on the amount of visitors and the interior and equipment you inn/tavern has.

    Higher rank/level, better quality drinks and food, also access to higher rank foods and drink that low tier taverns do not have.
  • New taverns might struggle with that type of set up, especially a year or more after release. But, that would mean to be competitive location would eventually become very important like IRL...
  • Considering the world is changing, so do competitive locations.

    There is always the risk of a node deleveling and losing your freehold and tavern.

    Obviously, the most competitive tavern locations will be as close to a grind/farm spot, so the risk of losing your freehold is quite high as you will have to build your freehold quite a bit away from town, most likely near the edge of the zone of influence.
  • A tavern orginzation would be cool.
  • @Kalkaz
    The only problem I forsee in this is Taverns generally serve food and drink, the problems with MMOs is that these restore health/mana or provide minor buffs, which can be also done by casters and shrines so the idea of healing potions and mana potions and food and drink becomes non-needed. 
    Why do I need to go to a tavern for food when a Claric can heal all my wounds, why should I get a drink when time and a shrine can restore my mana? other then NPC quests there is no reason to go to a tavern, thus no reason for a Tavern orginzation, or food or drink or healing potions or mana potions.
    Sure there is a Role play element but for some who want to learn cooking as a trade, or own a tavern (like me) there would be nothing for me to do, so no reason to do that and thus lose that element of the game.

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