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Great Review of a Once Great game.

This video is a review of what was great and what failed. i think this would be a good guide for Building an amazing MMORPG.


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    Since Steven is coming from AA and running a big guild over there he is definitely aware of these issues. So far we only have their word that they will be different and that is enough for me. The point in the video made about Trion banning people for criticizing their game has not cropped up here. I have been highly vocal on a couple different issues in the past as have others, slamming them about their stance on some things. While they never really respond, they also don't ban for having a different take on what constitutes something being dodgy.
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    I am all for people being critical of games and systems with in games so long as they are constructive and don't just go off with one liners saying this is sh....
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    well people reallly REALLY have to remember this is not even real alpha yet lol.
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