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Will guilds have in game options to specialize in a field?

This is a quick question before I go off to work.

Will we see official mining guilds in the game, or warrior guilds, or magic guilds?

Sure you can call yourself whatever, but can you make it where you gain items as that type of guild, things other guilds won't get if they don't pick what type they are?

In my mind all guilds should be the same, and each guild should have the tools to make it so. Just my 2 cents on the topic.


  • If AoC is going to follow the current trend, each guild will have a description field in which they can explain what they are about.

    Are you a mining guild? Type it in there. Are you PvX? No problem.
  • Smaller guilds will have different guild spells like power buffs, and bigger guilds needs to put there points in more member slots. But lets see how that turns out in the beta and alphas.
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