Another Snapchat 20th Oct 2017!

Oh we are being spoiled!
Another snapchat on the 20th Oct 2017!


  • Woot, let's hope for a combat mechanic update in the next one.
  • If we're being spoiled @Diura, It's because of you :p

    Vid looks great - reminds me somewhat of Ancient Greece. I have to say one of things I'm really looking forward to is appreciating how beautiful the world looks up close. It does look incredible in places and I just.can't.wait! :) 

  • Didnt see this one yet, damm that world looks massive i love it.
  • Again looks really nice, thanks again.
  • Thanks so much for bringing this stuff to the forums. I don't do snapchat or twitter or facebook or discord so you guys that are exposing this stuff to the forumgoers are providing a huge service.
  • Awesome starting area. Can't wait to go explore beyond it. \o/
  • It’s so beautiful!! I want to explore everything.... noaaaww Dx ty for always sharing, @Diura !!
  • Thanks for sharing, looks amazing for alpha 0!
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