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Ashes on console

Depending on the graphic intensity and number of controls needed to play the endgame I think AoC would be fantastic on the consoles. I am all for cross-platform play of course but just between consoles. PC gamers will always throat-stomp console players of equal skill level so it's not fair for console players to be on the same servers as PC gamers in a competitive game.

What's your thoughts on this?


  • Intrepid did state they were not going to focus on having it on console out the gate, but they are doing work with the coding and all that techy stuff so that in the (far) future it could be a possibility and easier to implement. It also seems possible due to the fact they are having a limited amount of "active skills", in comparison to other games where you have 4 bars full of 20 active skills a piece. I think this is a good move, even if it does just stay on PC.

    But I would imagine if AoC releases by their stated date (2019/20), and if there is a lot of people pushing for it to be on console, we could -possibly- see AoC on consoles by maybe a few years later. But that's just a really, really big guess that is pushing it. I wouldn't say it's impossible to happen, but it will be quite some time if it occurs at all. :)
  • Q: What platforms / OS will Ashes of Creation be launched on? Will additional platforms / OS be added in the future?

    • A: At launch, AoC will be available on Windows. Intrepid is open to the idea in the future for expansion of scope. That said, they are specifically writing code to be cross-platform capable, with Windows specific functionality being modularly loaded at compile time. That way if they do decide to build of other OS / Platforms that UE4 supports, they will have significantly less code that needs to be refactored to support building for the new target OS / platform.

  • I personally don't really want a console platform. I'm fine if it's fairly easy to implement but otherwise I'd rather say naw. With just pc the company could focus all it's resources and time onto pc. With console they have to handle all the bugs, servers, and different coding from the original pc game. Maybe in the future when (hopefully) they become a bigger company.
  • Lol.. Who puts an MMORPG on console..
  • If it pumps more money into Intrepid so that they can sustain the game, do it I say.
  • Not sure if mmo's really work on console. Not unless you limit the amount of spells someone has. Or can have at any one time. Which, honestly, I'm not at all a fan off. Sorry. 
  • Please, no.
  • I'd rather have a polished and good PC version instead of a bunch of antisocial console players. Antisocial in a sense of that console players rarely chat or interact, due to comntrol limitations.

    There are plenty of MMO ports for consoles for console players to choose from, but my opinion and preference is that MMORPGs do not belong on consoles.
  • To me it always seems like key elements (or at least useful elements) of games get either watered down, changed, or outright scrapped in an attempt to have console ports available. I'm sure similar things happen when porting console games to PC but do not have any reference point. I would prefer that not to happen.
  • Better to have a good stable PC version than 2 crap versions  B)
  • I can't see any console being able to sustain hundreds of players on screen for sieges. Not at any decent framerate at least.
  • Not sure why there is (some) strong disagreeances with this game and it potentially being on consoles. There are plenty of examples as to how skills, abilities and general actions can be done from other titles. ESO for example does a good job at a clean layout and controller setup for accessibility. There is nothing wrong with there being a console version as it will only widen the market audience and there are plenty of people waiting for a new MMO to come out on console that are willing to be committed and spend plenty of money on it long-term.

    As far as the social aspect lacking on consoles that is largely a myth. With the functions of parties or chat groups, intertwined with friends lists, guilds, corps, clans and alliances, these kinds of games have very active and social communities that only encourage social interaction and in a very direct way create a more rewarding experience for it. I play both PC (Eve Online, LOTRO, Skyforge etc.) as I built my own and Xbox One and I can tell you that the ease of access and overall comfort of plopping my hands in my lap with a controller while leaning back in my Secret Lab chair seem far more appealing to me then utilizing M&Kb. Other than that the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X especially would definitely be able to handle this game, it's been done before.
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