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Naval Combat Concepts and Ideas

I am making this post for actual ideas and discussion, NOT A FLAME WAR! If you don’t like someone’s idea, then ignore it, or come up with a reason why it might not work and offer some helpful criticism.


So Naval combat is something I have honestly only ever seen done well ONCE, in AC: Black Flag. Granted I have not played many naval based games, so if a game needs a callout please by all means let me know. I am always for checking out different games.


I want naval combat where one ship can accommodate at least 2 people on the smallest and maybe a warship/galleon up to 100 people. You could add lots of different variations such as faster sailboats that can accommodate 10-20 people and move much faster than other boats and give the option for other players to operate oars to increase the speed even further. On the big warships you could have other players operating oars, sails, and cannons. I am not gonna lie, I want a small fishing boat where I can just jump on and go out fishing with 1 or 2 buddies, that would be awesome in my mind, but I am a man of few real desires.


Lets see what else you guys can come up with :smile:


  • I don't want to be the bad guy, but there are already ongoing discussions and topics for all 4 topics you just created.
  • I have seen related topics but none actually putting concepts out there or am i just missing them? If you say discord . . . Yea not going there.
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    I personally am not a fan of the on-rails system that taking a ship was in Black Flag. It was all controlled by one person and the jumping on a ship and completing the same 3 objectives over and over was too receptive.

    I'm currently in the Sea of Theives Tech Alpha and now that's real sea combat. You can see the videos of that I'm talking about on YouTube. You need to have the sails adjusted right, your ship has momentum, doesn't turn on a dime and placement of cannons shot is important as a hit at the water line causes a leak, while a shot into the upper deck just makes a hole. You have to repair and bail out the water or you sink. You can also just board and take the cargo, leaving the ship and it's crew penniless.

    Now all that is awesome, bit far to in-depth for most people in a game with tons of other stuff to do. 

    I don't want naval PvP to be a Zerg fest, so am totally against being able to put 100 guys on a ship. If you want a 100 sailors in a fight, learn to manage 5 ships with 20 people on each. I'd be in favor of a system like AA where overloading your boat makes it unstable, to encourage the small group PvP and discourage the Zerg tactics. 

    I'd love to see ships with controllable sails and anchor, which require coordination and team work. 

    It would be amazing to be able to de-mast a ship. Shoot away it's rudder or disable it in various ways, allowing you to either escape from or pillage your foe.  

    Intrepid has already spoken about a desire for no gunpowder, so potentially we could see Roman scorpions, Medieval catapults and ballistas on board. If we do get cannons, possibly allow them to be swapped out or upgraded. 

    I basically plan to spend alot of time at sea, and know my desires are probably asking way to much, bit I'd love to see these and much more.
  • I want it to be cooperation and communication based. I don't plan on spending a ton of time at sea but I would like to learn the roles and be able to hop on and sail from time to time so nothing overly complex for me. If that means I only sail with certain simple ship that's fine. 
  • TBH i loved play AC black flag but solo using a warship in a MMO, even if i really love this concept, is really anti MMO mechanics.

    Btw u can check Archeage Naval content that is the most worked of what i saw on a MMO, but it lack of warships variety and it have somes bugs., without speaking about RNGcasino.
  • So many @whitedude31 threads, I can't handle...
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