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The Terran Order [TTRO] PvP / PvE [Website & Discord]

Who we are?

The Terran Order [TTRO], is a multi-national, multi-gaming community with its roots in
Planetside 2. Founded by Moochaqaman (Your Glorious Leader or YGL as he is affectionately known) back in the heady days of 2013 as a Planetside 2 outfit, TTRO has grown and expanded in the last few years into a community playing a diverse and vibrant assortment of games. While still retaining a major Planetside 2 presence, as the largest active TR outfit on the Cobalt server, we have branched out into FPS, MoBA, MMO, RTS, table top, RPG and survival games to name just a few.

We currently have an new and improved website that will be used for all purposes within the game and help newcomers explore what we are all about.
Our thriving Discord server offers a great starting point in meeting new people and getting to know each other on the time of launch and stay up to date with numerous events in the games we are currently in. You can join us here -

In Ashes of Creation we aim to create a thriving community that has a focus on PvP and PvE to explore all angles that this game offers us. We accept all types of players from hardcore to casual ones. Creating this post will hopefully relate to a number of people wishing to join and be part of our amazing community and expand. 


Pre-launch - Meet new members who wish to be part of our community that share our passion and interest in Ashes of Creation. While waiting for the game to officially launch you can join in and play other games while waiting.

Information about classes / nodes and useful information will be shared through our website and discord for discussion.

Launch - After a successful launch, let's enjoy the game we have been waiting for and level up together, create together and achieve together!

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, on our Discord and check out our Website. 
My name is Jeffw0mbat and I am a leader of this community and hoping to get in to this game and just as excited as everyone else!

Thanks for reading!


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