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Future Expansions!?

So far in all the streams I've seen repeated and common sense questions being asked some with better clarification but after release what would you like to see the game implement? 

We know what they're going to deliver just not in fine detail so why not look ahead...

 "Miasma Island"
  1. Far away Island that takes about 30min/1hr boat travel.
  2. Lawless land (corruption has no say at this zone as every one is marked red)
  3. monsters marked unknown (unable to determine monster's lvl) 
The reason of the island maybe we found it by traveling to unmarked territory where the activity of one of the anomaly that happen thousands of years is still active and our job is to destroy one of these things and purify the land creating new nodes to expand control, lore, etc.

"Return of The Sky"
  1. Each server works for one purpose and to unlock the new race by doing puzzle, dungeon, and raids.
  2. maybe scattered runes to open the ancients doorway uncovering the race long lost in time.. the sladeborn.
  3. each egg hatches into adults as they couldn't fully escape the corruption making them ground bound and every offspring after comes out as adults but with their sanity intact as they try to find a cure/purification from this ancient evil. 


Think ahead and tell the community what would you like to see for a future expansion in Ashes of Creation?

I is soo exciteds!~ 


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    edited October 2017
    I know people are hyped for AOC and to speculate is fun but my little mind just cant grasp future expansions at this point when its over 2 years + from release. :)

    But I appreciate others wishing to do so.
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    I don't even know what all the game will hold, so to speculate on future expansions would be just creating my dream game.

    As for "Miasma Island" I really hope Ashes does not implement an "every one flagged red area" as new content. That would prevent a decent number of subs from enjoying that new content for however long it would be before the next content release.

    Now, if there were "Miasma Zones" that you could see, and avoid, I would be down if it was no more than 50% of the new content.

    I like the thought of returning to the skies though.
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