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Shop packages and timeline

Hey all,

Looking at the shop there are three packages available. Alpha 2, beta, and cosmetics. The product page does not show  an (estimated) go-live time for the product.

Forum posts for Alpha 2  / Beta range across topics and timelines.  There is no clear information what you are getting when you buy each package or when you are getting it.

As a gamer in 2017 i have access to a wide range of free to play games .  200$ is a lot of money to spend on a game when i dont know:
when do i get access?
what happens to my progress  as development progresses from alpha to beta to live? 

Forums indicate alpha/beta servers will become test servers. Are worlds reset upon go-live or will beta worlds be taken live? Will characters and gearsets be carried to  the new world?

I 'm sure other  (potential) customers want to know the same. Wouldn't it be handy to gather all relevant information on a shop or FAQ page?

Kindest and warmest salutations. Game looking good. Want to play NAO!


  • No exact dates know yet or a ETA when those disappear from the shop.

    Those packs do include pax items. I think there will be cheaper keys on the store later on, without the pax ingame cosmetics.

  • Ashes of Creation is currently pre-alpha. Exact dates and timeline are not yet set. below from the FAQ is what info we do have at this time.

    Q: When will Ashes of Creation launch?

    • A: We will see several Phases of Alpha and Beta leading up to launch:
    • Alpha 0 is scheduled for December 15, 2017. This is the raffle only Alpha that will
      also grant access to some media and influencers. This Alpha is invite only.
    • Alpha 1 and 2 is scheduled all throughout 2018. This is for Kickstarter backers.
    • Beta is targeted to begin at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.
    • Release estimate is "before 2020".

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    Additionally there will be no carry over progress from the various phases of Alpha / Beta. Production release is a clean slate as well. Alpha 2 will be persistent and will become the test server once production launch occurs.
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