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The random Ashes thought and question depository is now open!

So I've got terrible memory, it comes as part of the poor cognition bundle free gift that I received out of the blue one day.
But I also have a curious mind (in both meanings of the word :grin:) so I keep on thinking of random questions or thoughts regarding Ashes. I'm sure that I can't be alone in that right.

At the moment there are enough, many more important questions being asked by the community which need answers before any time is taken away from the game development to answer or discuss some of these, so hence, I thought a forum dump of all the randomness related to Ashes might help.
Well it'll help me, if you'd all like to throw stuff in too, I won't feel so lonely!
I'm going to number all of my randomness, just so that it'll make anybody wanting to discuss anything a lot easier, I'd recommend doing the same if you dump anything in here.
Some of these will be answered at launch, some of these will be revealed in earlier alpha/betas, some may never get discussed or resolved.
It's all good in here!

I also would kindly ask that folks remember, we have no control over the random ideas and thoughts that jump into our minds, so if you feel the need to discuss them, please keep it cool, calm and friendly; so no mocking.. well no mocking with serious intent anyway  ;)

Yes, I know this list will start off as being very random, but that's my brain for you :D

So with no more ado I do declare Verra's random thought and question depository open! *fanfare*

1 - The solar system and the universe?
Will we know the make up of the wider physical Verran solar system and universe? And what effects will any moons or planets have upon the world?

Earth/Terra has (at least) one moon. This affects the tides, it has coined the term lunacy because of it's affect upon some of us physically etc. The sun gives us the seasons, will there only be one associated with Verra? Will we be able to clearly identify the equinoxes so we can create racial 'celebrations'? Are there any planets in orbit between Verra and the sun that might occasionally intrude / cause eclipses? Is Verra a singular or binary planet? Will there be set constellations that we can create fables about or navigate by and will our perception of the constellations revolve it does on Earth? Maybe the system has no gas giants so it's affected by infrequent meteor attacks, or an active sun so it gets regular solar flares? Maybe there aren't just planets, moons, meteors, asteroid belts, suns in the sytem, but also 'god stars' that are gods floating between the systems of the galaxy? Are there any other galaxies visible from Terra, maybe it's right on the edge of ours, so under the right circumstances a lot of others are visible.

2 - Species vs breeds?
In biological terms (and no, I'm no biologist), my understanding is that a species is an umbrella term that covers all sub-species (or breeds) that can mate together and produce fertile offspring.
For species, think Dogs vs Cats.
For breeds, think Chihuahuas vs Alsatians or Persian vs Sphinx.

Given that Elves, Orc's, Humans and Dwarves come from different planets in the solar system / universe / dimensional universe,  it would be logical to conclude that they have all had a very different evolution and are all separate Species, yet they are all very similar in appearance, so much so that it'd actually be logical to conclude that they have all stemmed from the same evolutionary tree, which then leads to even more questions. Were they seeded or did they all start in Verra? if so, is the returning of the people not the first or second time they've returned, has this been going on for eons?
Without knowing the answer to this question, you can't safely assume that 'mixed breeds' such as a Dwarvern-Orc or a Dwork (as it will no doubt be named) could possibly exist.....
And yet you have the Tulnar, which suggests that interbreeding of peoples is possible, if they were different species rather than just 'breeds' to begin with, then did the interbreeding receive help? If so what?

3 - Reptiles vs Dinosaurs?
Whenever someones been mentioning how the Tulnar might look, I think of the dinosaurs. They look reptilian, and yet are a very different Species. One tree of the dinosaurs was 'feathered'. And going by a radio program I was listening to in the shower this morning, scales, feathers and hair all come from the same biological start point, so just because the Tulnar start race looks one way, it might just be possible that there are other 'Tulnar' groups hiding elsewhere on the world, just waiting to be discovered. Are they reptiles, dinosaurs or something else?
And if so, would they stem from the same few races of the 'forgotten people' or would they stem from a group of selection of completely different races?
Also, if they are a third unknown in Terra species, neither lizard nor dinosaur, neither bird nor shark, will we get enough background species information for deep rp purposes?

4 - Children?
Coming from the world gate thingies, can't remember their proper names, the people arriving would be unlikely to take their children, after all, you're stepping into the unknown and who would risk doing that to their child. If there are any children, then at the start of the game they'd be rare, though with extra content they might start appearing as folks do what folks will always do. 
The exception to this is the Tulnar, they've not left and logic suggests they've been amusing themselves, so will we see Tulnar kiddies? Will everyone have access to the Tulnar under 'city'? Do Tulnar come from eggs, live births, or frog-style-spawn? What about other races? Do any of them have any life 'cycles' ie, they start off as a caterpillar but pupate and emerge as butterflies?

5 - Gait? 
Will all the races move with the same gait style as humans, or will any such as orcs move differently, for instance dune style and walk without rhythm?  Humans ourselves can be born with or develop abnormal gaits, waddling for example, or those more interestingly named Circumduction gait or Charlie Chaplin gait?

I have many more to come, but I think these few are enough to dump out of my head right now. Sending hugs and hoping you are all having a great weekend :)


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