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(Halloween story)

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Intro to Halloween story. (AKA part 1)

It has been many years since the cataclysm of the old world. The pain and suffering experience by those who made the great pilgrimage is all but a forgotten, like a wound that’s already started to heal over. But there are still a few left who remember, and ever since the foundation of the United Verra Forces Academy each archtype class will be given its final lesson and with it the reason for their most important skill*

As I stand in front of the class, another year of apprentice tanks ready to charge into the front lines to protect those behind them, a bitter smile creeps into my face as I recall what sort of suffering that I pray they will never have to go through.


The class snaps forward facing their instructor.

“Today you show your respect towards Mr. Guildhart he is a rogue whose seen firsthand the sort of devastation what we may be forced to defend against one day.”

There is a slight murmur in the class, some confusion regarding my presence.

“I can see some of you are wondering why I, a rouge, would be the one to talk to you about your skill <Perception>. That will become abundantly clear at the end of the class, but for now you will simply have to wait. Before I get started, could anyone tell me what the <Perception> skill does.”

A young woman with brunette hair tied back and a small black bar on her left chest plate stands. The black bar indicates that she is a first-class tank, meaning she is in the top 10% of her year.

“<Perception>, it is a skill that detects threats within the range of the caster’s perception.”

She abruptly sits back down.

“Yes, you’re quite right that is the textbook definition of the skill, but do you know what it’s actually doing to you as the caster. Do you know why in almost any iconography of the skill it is drawn with a symbol of an eye that is bloodshot red with the image of a person in it?”

She sits quietly with a slightly perplexed look on her face.

“The skill is more than just detecting threats, it is there to stabilize what you see as your reality. Threats are more than just physical, you can succumb to an illusion or mental attack. Your skill helps differentiate what is real and what is fake, so that you can protect what is important.”

“As for the reason it looks the way it does, or even why it’s considered the most important skill you have… well let me simply begin the lesson.”

The silence in the room is deafening as the footstep of the instructor slowly head to a seat to hear the rogue story once more. 

To be continued...


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