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[NA] Knights of the Apocalypse | Semi-Hardcore | PvX | Castle-Siege | 18+

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About KOTA

Knights of the Apocalypse was established in 2005.  Our goal is to continue establishing a respected guild to form friendships, enjoy game play, and be a community that welcomes all gamers without judgment and most of all, have fun.  Our gaming community spans multiple MMO/PC Games. Some of the more notable games we have been involved in are: Total War: Arena, SWTOR, War Frame, The Division, GW2, WoW, BDO, ArcheAge. We are a very close knit group that some would describe as a brotherhood. Our guild is highly structured and we appreciate organization which has made us successful in the past. We look out for the best interest of KOTA members without regard to personal consequences.  Our members are loyal and abide by an uncompromising code of integrity.

For AoC:

KoTA is recruiting for Beta and Official Release. We will be using Discord to communicate in-game. We plan on having organized groups, but our main focus will be fun and enjoyment.  Our guild plans on being involved with PvP and PvE while in Ashes of Creation, however our main focus will be Castle Wars, Sieges, and Pillaging Caravans. Those who pose as a threat will be marked against us and shot on sight in available PvP zones. Knights of the Apocalypse is a brotherhood and the members within it are valued and have a place to call home.

We will be open to guild allying providing that all parties stay true to their word. Issues with other members will be dealt with accordingly based on reasoning and circumstance.

Pertinent Information:
Level Requirement: N/A
Guild Orientation: PvE/PvP
Guild Focus: Large-Scale PvP, Arena, Raiding, Profiteering in any way possible.
Squad Type: Semi Structured / Lenient
PvP Orientation: Take what you want as long as it does not cause allied guild provocation.
Discord required.
Discord Information:
Age Requirement: Mature 18 +
Language: English
Contacts: Volderen, Revanon, Zaare

We Offer:
Dedicated leaders with years of experience.
Organized PVP and PVE content
Enjoyable community with lack of drama or any other nonsense.

If you have any questions or concerns message myself or Revanon for further details. If you would like to join simply send one of us a message or hop onto our discord and we can get you set up.


  • Will be considering a Predator or a Cleric/Bard archetype
    Worse comes to worse I will have 2 with Predator as my open roaming choice and Support for sieges and per diem PvE
  • best luck to you and your guild and may the chaos gods bless you ^^
  • nagash said:
    best luck to you and your guild and may the chaos gods bless you ^^
    Thank you good luck to you as well when the game releases. Khorne is our patron God though and we always appease him.  :p
  • Hoping that after Alpha, there is an addition of a Druid or Shapeshifter class... Might be over-expecting but I'd like to merge that with a Ranger more than a Rogue. Will be in Beta though. Looking forward to not being super disappointed in AoC like BDO and AA.turned out.
  • I am going to play a tank I am not sure what my mixed class will be. I would also like to welcome all the new members who have been joining us recently.
  • Excellent group of people. I was in their guild for BDO and am coming back for this games Beta.
  • I'm going to be an archer and maybe a summoner... or bard... We will see.
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