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Official Live stream Q&A Question Thread – October 31st, 2017



  • Will there be "skill shot" abilities we can aim up? Not just along the ground.
  • They are aiming for 10k, not 8k concurrent users 
    They were aiming for 10k at the beginning but on one of the inverview Steven said 8k. So keep up with the news, slacker Brane :smirk:
  • You guys said that the smallest "Raid" would be a 40-Man, if I am not mistaken. How big will the largest be?
    That's the capacity of the raid, so that's the biggest one. 5 parties of 8, one party will be 8 people.
  • Will the Vek have green skin? 
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    How much backtracking will we experience while questing? Running back to the same spot after every quest can be tedious. 
  • To what extent are we going to see instanced raids, how frequently can those instances be entered and will multiple groups of players be able to do their instance of the raid at the same time?
  • Are summoner companions tamed or learned, if tamed will they be included in animal husbandry?
  • Question: are you plan to build an desktop computer in ashes of creation design ?
  • Are Verra and Gaia related?
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    What are the "ultimate" bonuses of stage 6 (metro) Divine and Military nodes?
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    -There is some spells which removes or blocks temporally buffs on your enemy?

    -Will some classes gets specific/original bonuses from stats - like monks get AC bonus from wisdom (PC DnD version)?

  • Can you talk in more detail about what to expect in terms of sea-based content (shipping, battles, piracy, etc.)?

    For example:

    Will it be similar to Assassin's Creed where I control the ships movement and armaments, or will I need someone else on the cannons? If I can only do one thing at a time on a ship (steer, shoot, grapple for boarding, etc), then will I use an NPC or player to do the rest?

    Will there be boarding parties with fights on deck?

    If a ship is disabled, but defended successfully, can it be rescued?

    Is a pirate just a bandit on a boat with no other content supporting the pirate lifestyle in the game? In other words, are there plans for a "Tortuga"-esque base of operations for those that want to live out their days as a pirate? If not, what will you have for players that want to play as a pirate?

    How will one go about crafting a ship?

    In what ways will we be able to customize the build of our ships (beyond frills)? Will there be any racial or node oriented exclusive bonuses to ships?

    When should we expect to see this content in the alpha-beta testing?

  • What DirectX version will Alpha 0 be playable in?

    (people with keys need to plan ahead to have appropriate OS ready)

    *for example if only DirectX 12, then people will NEED to have Windows 10, while Windows 7 will not work.
  • What type of siege weapons can we expect.
  • Can you give us an idea of how races will affect game play? I know you have said before that they will be like the secondary class but I'm wondering if you have any specific examples.
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    What are the penalties for killing players and stealing from caravans? Can I be a professional bandit/raider without being completely punished out of the game?
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    Will you have skill  puzzles?

    How will weapons work? Lvl up? forge up? Will there be a % to fail? Pay to win for chance increase?
  • Will there be any research "Experimentation" like thing in crafting for unlocking "unknown" blueprints/recipes. Ex: Alchemy where amount of ingredients, flame heat, time to mix etc will have to be within a % range to be counted as a success and thus unlocks this unknown recipe?
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    Will zones that have sandstorms or snowstorms occassionally have no map and disorientation when the random storms go through so that you can possibly die?

    Will you be able to loot off people or only caravan stuff?
  • You guys taking Interns at all  B):D
  • The livestream is over, so I'll go ahead and close this thread. 

    Thanks everyone, and once again, congratulations to all of the winners! :) 
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