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The Dead Throne

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The Dead Throne is a new guild being started by experienced MMORPG gamers.
The Dead Throne guild brings much to the table, a few examples are:

We will have dedicated crafters. You'll need gear to explore the world of Verra. We will focus much of our core around progression and as long as Ashes gives us many goods to craft, we will craft them.

We are in talks about a guild currency, this currency will let you buy items and have things crafted from our crafters, in guild. This will put tension on crafters to be the best and make other guild members join in on guild events to earn currency. Almost like an EPGP system.

The guild will be Story driven, by that, I mean it will have a back story and you can be apart of the story by being in the guild, with that, if you are a dedicated member, you may be in this story.

Experienced players/Streamers, The Dead Throne will have experienced players ranging from multiple genres of video games. The guild will also have streamers! As guild leader I am proud to announce that I will be streaming Ashes on launch.
Streamers will have many benefits for promoting the Guild and Ashes.

We will have a Discord with a dedicated chat channel for Ashes.

The Dead Throne will host many events, a few to name will be Raiding, PVP, Gear Nights and Treasure Hunting.

The Dead Throne will also be Competitive, this is still in talks, but we believe if you want to be a core member in our MANY groups, you will have to earn it through multiple ways. 

The Dead Throne has so much more to offer and alot of things in talks.

Any Questions, please ask, this post will be updated many times.


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    Good luck on your new guild. It sounds interesting.  
  • A great sounding name for a guild. I hope you and your guild do great in ashes of creation. just remember who owns the rightful throne of the dead ^^
  • Sounds really cool. Good luck guys and gals.
  • Thanks everyone, I will be updating this post and checking up on it, as much as I can.
    Hopefully bringing part of the backstory soon once we get the 10 guild signatures and some more Verra story.
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