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Is 130$ Keypad worth for mmos ?

hello everyone, not totally related to AoC but still, i wanna buy the Razer Orbweaver Chroma keyboard to play AoC and others mmos i could play on waiting for AoC. But is that worth his price ?


  • I have never tried such gaming gear, but I don't see how it could be beneficial for MMOs. 

    You get 20 keys in total, of which 4 are directional keys. Technically, you get quick access to 16 keys, of which some will be keys to open certain UI windows.

    I consider a good keyboard more beneficial. You get the traditional layout, you can chat easily without throwing some wierd hand extension to the side first and you have more keys in total.

    For that price you could get a Logitech G910 mechanical keyboard (the newer version) which is a great keyboard by itself, but it also comes with 9 additional programmable keys that will allow you quicker access to more skills instead of having to reach the far away 8, 9 and 0 keys.
  • Why?

  • Get a nice mouse instead. 
  • its not worth the money to buy any keyboard or mouse device above 40$.
    + its not like you couldn't use a standard keyboard for anything you can do with this particular device. The standard keyboard just has 2452342562 extra buttons on the right side and better software support.
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    I am not a fan of them myself. I use a Razr Naga Chroma Mouse and a nice mechanical keyboard from Velocifire.

  • Uao said:
    its not worth the money to buy any keyboard or mouse device above 40$.
    + its not like you couldn't use a standard keyboard for anything you can do with this particular device. The standard keyboard just has 2452342562 extra buttons on the right side and better software support.
    I don't agree with all of this.

    Yes, you could use a traditional cheap factory keyboard and mouse to play most mmos.

    Setting a $40 limit is a bit arbitrary as most multi button mice exceed the $40 limit, as are most macro able / additional key keyboards.

    In this case I would not spend $130 for a game pad. That is a little bit excessive from a retailer.

    I use a razer nostromo game pad (now discontinued) and have for many years. The main feature in a game pad is to be able to play without the need for a full sized keyboard cluttering up the desk. Additional features would include the use of macros / key bindning outside of the game, the ability to set up different profiles for every game you play and much more comfortable than most keyboards during long sessions.

    I also use a razer naga epic mouse, total 15 buttons and scroll wheel. I would say this is a must have for most games.

    The game pad and multi button mouse combo is a HUGE advantage in most games once you have acquired the practice and muscle memory for the various buttons.
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    Crap keyboard that tilts and locks out when you press more then 2 keys simultaneously will definitely not do.

    Good keyboard and mouse are most beneficial for gaming, MMOs included.

    Good devices usually come with "good" a price tag, however a compromises can be made of finding a pretty decent devices, with good purchase value. You don't have to go for most expensive pieces.

    I would recommend a mouse that fits your hand well and has few well placed extra mouse buttons. Extra mouse buttons do wonders for you while gaming.

    I myself am using Corsair Vengence K70 mechanical keyboard and Func MS3-rev2 mouse (most amazing extra button placement, and mouse shape).

  • @Gothix
    I play pc games for about 19 years and i never noticed that i couldn't push more than 5 buttons simultaneosly (i just tried).
    And unless i grow some extra fingers that opinion wont change.

    As for function keys, you guys have been fooled by markteing. It is possible to customize every key on your keyboard to what ever function a computer can execute.
    No reason to buy a overpriced keyboard that has 10 extra buttons, keyboards have alot of buttons already.
    So 40$ for a keyboard is already very very much to ask for.

    I should have differentiated better, as 40$ is more of the average price for a mouse with extra buttons, which in fact are useful.

    Gamepads shouldn't really have a place in multiplayer games with ingame chat function. Especialy if its even more expensive than a keyboard which is better in every regard. You need the keyboard to write so the gamepad doesn't save any space, it just needs extra space, @FliP pointed that out very nicely. The huge amount of buttons on keyboards allow to map all the UI functions a game provides, you couldn't easily do that with a gamepad that has just a few buttons.
    Ever tried to put a very small pillow under your wrist? Its more comfortable than any plastic gamepad could be.

    If anyone wants to know: i currently use a cherry g82-27000 keyboard that i bought ~8 years ago for 12€ and a logitech m500 mouse for ~25€ that i need to replace every ~2 years when its right mouse button stops working.

    (The keyboard still looks like its just a week old)
  • Lot's different views. It all come down to you and what works best for YOU.
    I have used a game pad for last 10 years for all types of games. MMO's and NonMMO's. I personally like it. Took a couple days to get used to but I was never good at using the keyboard as well as some people. It is one more thing on my desk.
    I use it to bind most commonly used skills in MMO's and game like FO4. Weapon changes and so forth. Sit on left side of my keyboard so switching back and forth for chat is easy.
    Using Belkin N52te later replaced by the Nostromo linked above like months after I got it. works great.
    Peripherals are like most things in life. You get what you pay for. Do your research. Read reviews good and bad. Research what the specs the vendor is claiming are sometimes is all smoke and mirrors to sell a product.
    Lots of people like the Razor stuff. My mouse died faster then I think it should have. Replaced it with an Aorus M3. Like it a lot.

  • @Jaikant I highly discourage you from getting this. I had two Razer items back then, but then I started getting Logitech gear. Turns our that the drivers of those two companies are incompatible. In the end, I replaced all my Razer gear with Logitech gear. It wasn't cheap, but totally worth it.
    Therefore, I can recommend the Logitech G13:
    The feeling and overall usability, as well as the software support is far better than the Razer stuff.

  • If you want to get used to them then gaming pads are really good. I don't use one but I've played with people who have and they really liked them. 
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    I've actually been thinking about getting one myself, so I'd lean towards yes. For certain situations its just more comfortable to not hop across the keyboard with your hand for certain skills, for example when you need to use the skill on 1 and the skill on 9 shortly after one another but can't move the skills closer together because you need them on that place for other, more important situations - I hope I'm not too confusing.
  • The only reason I bout a gamepad was because I drive truck for a living and it's a pain to play with a full keyboard no matter how you contort yourself. As far as it being less efficient... I don't think so. With button mapping, macros, and alt+ buttons, you get about the same level of control, just in a much more condensed area. I do recommend a good multi-button mouse to go with it if you get a gamepad.

    On a bit of a tangent, does anyone know of a multi-button trackball mouse with more than 5 buttons? Logitech used to make a decent one, and i still have it, but its very worn, and they stopped making them.
  • So it's early in the month ... i get paid haha, i  made somes unplannified hours so i get paid more than usually, i bought the chroma stuff. I saw you guys prefer the logitec stuff but tbh i guess there is no big difference and the black chroma is going very well whith my setup :)

    So i'm waiting for it, and will give my opinion bit later.

    Btw if u have extra money like me, concider helping Intrepid studio with their donation campaign for extra life association (and maybe u get a alpha 0 key ;) )

  • Best mouse I've ever used, and has 11 programmable controls and its easy to use.  Logitech g602.

  • Jaikant said:
    hello everyone, not totally related to AoC but still, i wanna buy the Razer Orbweaver Chroma keyboard to play AoC and others mmos i could play on waiting for AoC. But is that worth his price ?

    That was the wrong question to ask, to be honest.
    "Worth it" is relative. I pay movie theater prices to watch an Avengers movie, but I would never pay that much to watch a romance flick. 

    As for the device, it comes down to what your playstyle is. I sit on my La-Z-Boy chair to game, and use a Logitech Trackball mouse. Using a keypad device like that has been fun and convenient for me since it rests on the other arm of the chair, and my most recent one has lasted me over a year thus far.

    But as you've seen from other responses, it's not for everyone.  Nor is the price. Some folks won't pay more than $40 for a keyboard, no matter what options it provides.

    My suggestion, as with all hardware/furniture issues, is to hit up a store and try it out for yourself. If it's comfortable, and you can actually see yourself using it regularly, then treat it like your keyboard: ask yourself how much are you willing to pay for what it offers, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

  • I would not recommended it either buy a mouse with all those features i got ms3 Logitech mouse and going for a corsair keyboard
  • While for some on the slightly more expensive side, but not TO expensive. I myself use a Logitech G502 mouse and a Logitech G810 keyboard.
    Really starting to got a liking for Logitech equipment over the years, While the quality and utility of the stuff is usually equal to high-priced brands i noticed that it also simply survives way better. Almost no chance on it breaking down in a few months while some expensive brands have a tendency to make breaking down their motto (*cough* Razer *cough*)
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    Ok so, afther 2 weeks of utilisation, here is my verdict : 

     I do love it ! keys postionning is really nice, they are inclinned that you can reach any of them, shift key (that we need to keep pressing for sprint in most of games) and the space keyare the bests exemple.

    only fews remarqs i have about it : 

    - No Enter or no Esc key by default. I just replaced key 1 by Esc and Alt key by Enter.

    - 20 Keys Orbweaver is nice but i think the Tartarus with 15 keys must be "bad" cause it's not that much, but you cans still dobble all keys with a "alt+X" ^^.

    - the mechanical noise dont annoy me, i must admit i do like it, but i can understand somes people dont.

    So to conclude : 

    Cant really say if it's worth his price, but he do everything he promise and he his really optimised for games. I was not that good with keyboard and i must admit when you "dont have habs" then it will make you be a better gamer.
  • The Naga Razer mouse is a go-to, way more useful to me than an extra keypad imo. It did wonders for me and my gaming experience, it even made Dark Souls playable on PC for me. That ought to tell you how useful it is XD
  • I'd take an mmo mouse and keyboard over a keypad any day, but I can see the appeal for some people. As for razer itself, I honestly don't see the point in paying for their products when I can get the exact same thing from someone else for half the price. I picked up my corsair scimitar mouse for £40, when the razer naga mouse was £90. 

    This is what I use and it works perfectly. I play a lot of LoL and notice no difference in performance with wireless compared to wired. Never turn keyboard or mouse off, have rechargeable batteries, and the batteries last about 6 months before needing replaced. I generally replace every month just to avoid that one time the batteries die
  • Mrgolde said:

    Best mouse I've ever used, and has 11 programmable controls and its easy to use.  Logitech g602.

    Anyone wanting this, Amazon has them on sale...

  • Like others have said, an mmo mouse like the Naga or a G600 are much more beneficial for an mmo. It’s hard to go back when you get used to having your skill bar at your thumb. 
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    I am still using My logitech G600 which for some reason is no longer in production, so i ended purchasing another 1 as a backup. Once you get familiar with it's 3rd ring finger mouse key that doubles the effective 12 thumb keys making over 24 individual keystrokes on a mouse, there is no going back.

    Heard bad things about Razer quality/customer service wise so personally don't use their products.

    Coarsair has the newer MMO mouse "shimitar" seems ok/pricey

    Redragon Perdition, UtechSmart Venus or  Havit HV-S735 are alternative MMO mice* if you are on a tight  budget.

    Keyboards are all more or less the same, but i do like my cherry brown mechanical switches.

  • Pooka has an Orbweaver and a Naga.  Pooka really enjoys them and thinks that they provide much more comfort than a keyboard.  Pooka thinks it makes a big difference in the positioning of your fingers towards the more "important" buttons.
  • I use the orb weaver. I got it after my belkin nostromo finally died after about a decade of abuse. The Orbweaver is NOT AS good as the stromo was, but this is because razer just isn't as worried about quality. What makes it not AS good, is that the wheel on the stromo, witch could be set to 3 different functions with the scroll up, down and push, was replaced with a single key that could only do 1 function. The other reason is the palm rest is glued on, and this is done just shitty enough to slide off for some users (not me to be fair). However you do get an extra row of keys so it kinda makes up for it.

    That being said, dude, you will never go back to a key board for any game. Orbweaver blows them all out of the water. The macros you can make with the software will allow you to do things you probably shouldn't be able to do. The keys are fast and responsive and the positioning and comfort can't be matched by a keyboard.

    The G602, big ++

    I got this (and yeah for about $40 that's a good mouse price i agree), and I am super satisfied with it. Battery life is great, buttons are programmable (software is not as good as orbs). The only thing I have noticed is that the sensor has to be in close proximity or you will notice terrible performance. For me this was not a big deal.

  • FliP said:

    You get 20 keys in total, of which 4 are directional keys. Technically, you get quick access to 16 keys, of which some will be keys to open certain UI windows.

    This is incorrect.  You get 20 keys IN ADDITION to the directional knob.  You also get 2 more keys (the paddles by the directional knob) for a total of 22 keys + 4 (8?) directionals.  Though I guess if you used the keys for directions, then you'd be down to 16 (+2 +4(8?)).  Personally, I "drive" with the directional knob (via my thumb) and that frees up all 20 keys to be used for skill buttons.

    I've been using this (and a Nostromo previously) for ~5 years and am quite fond of it; it's great for MMO playing, especially the ones that require tons of buttons.  As above, the keys are really good quality: fast and responsive.

    Macroing may/may not be allowed in any given game though, so beware of that.

    My only gripe with the Orbweaver is that they use a glued on pad where your palm rests (the Nostromo had a solid plastic piece there) and the glue tends to melt under the heat of your hand.  Eventually all the glue leaks out and the pad comes loose/off.  I've RMA'd 3 of these now for the same problem (and I'm quickly on the path to RMA'ing a 4th, heh).
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