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What is the whole story?

I'm in need of a way to learn the lore here.  I have a tough time reading because of vision issues, and I'm looking for a way to find all the lore without reading pages of after pages.   Thank you much for the help :)


  • They have purposefully left the lore to snippets. They want players to discover it once the game is played, not before. Good news is they have also stated that the UI will have all the relevant functionality of access for people with disabilities. Since there will be no, or extremely limited voice acting, reading is going to be a requirement.
  • I think they left it open-ended so that when Steve wakes up in the middle of the night after another Verra dream he can furiously right down the newest cannon lore! 

    After a year or so of sleepless nights and extreme coffee binges, don't be surprised if Verra starts to get...weird!
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    Very little in the term of Lore has been released yet.

  • TLDR version:

    1. Things went horribly wrong in magical world of Verra
    2. Our ancestors escaped through portals to a safe world without magic, then portals went dormant.
    3. Thousands of years have passed, all ancient lore was forgotten.
    4. For some reason portals reopened.
    5. YOU are one of the pioneers to travel back through portal to the world of Verra, in attempt to repopulate it and revive civilization there.
    6. But... Verra has it's own dangers and your job will not be easy!
  • I'm just going back as I left my toothbrush back there 
  • nagash said:
    I'm just going back as I left my toothbrush back there 

    Dental hygiene is very important.. but I'm sure you'll have to craft your own
  • nagash said:
    I'm just going back as I left my toothbrush back there 

    I doubt that thousand years old tooth brush has any hair left on it.
    I guess you can find other usage for it though  B)
  • yew.. 1000 year old toothbrush,  I'm betting it's pretty moldy and sticky and well..maybe not. maybe it's just petrified. 
    thanks for the information everyone!!
  • You can find all sorts of lore through me, the lorekeeper. I have many lores ranging from something called Bloodborne to another thing called Satan Burger. How does thou wills't to peruse my archives?
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