Siege Equipment/Abilities Theorycrafting

Okay so the purpose of this post is to discuss and theorycraft what kind of siege equipment or abilities you may want or may work inside of ashes. They already said there would be no gunpowder so let's rule out canons and other gunpowdwer based weapons of war. There may be some magical equipment as well. Plus along the lines of group class abilities similar to the possible summoners siege summon would be interesting to see. So go nuts and have fun thinking about the possibilities.


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    I put up a very similar thread to this last week will link it as it has a number of my thoughts on this exact subject.


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    Siege spear launchers to aim at and kill the dragons if you hit them, shouldn't be easy, but should be possible. Dragons need available counter measures.

    All the rest classic siege equipment.

    Turtle shaped covers with whom you can move, being under them, and picking mushrooms in front of castle while siege lasts.
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    i want to be abble to participate on sieges with my warship, attacks like defences.

    This said, could be better to answer next stuff in other topic, more settled.
    (just wanted to be sure i say to everyone i wanna use my ship everywhere, harpoon to go inland FTW !!)
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    This look promising.

    Flaming balls of death.

    But no matter what you use, I believe there should be different levels on equipment to use.

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