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Build your skills

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This is fan creation only and does not reflect any future game content. This is a bit of fun (balancing and everything way off ofc) and I would love to see your creations too!

After much thought I decided to create my own bard. I've based this off the examples we have been given for PAX/Alpha 0 skill trees.
  • This is the primary Archetype only. I feel we do not know enough information yet to add on augments.(plus so much work lol)
  • I have assumed that the WEAPON USE ABILITY skill applies characteristics of both main and off-hand weapons, refer to tank sword and shield keystroke ( ).
Skill Types

  • Primary skills x10 -  (aka active skills) are based on a players archetype.
  • Passive skills x2 - (aka active skills) based on player archetype.
  • Weapon use ability (combo) x1- a skill feature special to each weapon.
  • Ultimate skill x1 - a very powerful archetype skill.
  • Utility skill x1- a non-combat skill that allows players to interact with the environment.  

Diura - Dwarf Bard
Weapon Choice - (Main hand) Warhorn + (Off-hand) Rapier

Call of the Warhorn (Combo)

Target an enemy and strike fear into their hearts with a call from your Warhorn. Reduce their accuracy. Combo into strikes from your rapier dealing damage and powering up your focus.

Inspire Ally   

Single target buff. Increase a trait depending on primary archetype.

                        Skill progression 1: Increase buff duration.
                        Skill progression 2: Demotivate Foe: Target Foe and apply opposite effect.


Tank - increase their melee defense/ decrease their melee defense

Cleric - increase their healing done / decrease their healing done

Fighter- increase melee damage/ decrease melee damage

Mage - increase their magic damage/ decrease their magic damage

Summoner - increase their dot duration/ reduce their dot duration

Bard - increase their buff duration/ decrease their buff duration

Rogue - increase their crit rate/ decrease their crit rate

Ranger - increase their damage/ decrease their damage

Cold Words

 AoE stops target movement (around caster)

                       Skill Progression 1: Increase  duration of freeze.
Skill Progression 2: Reduces cooldown.

Rally the Group

AoE buff that increases party defense and attack. The closer you are to an ally the more powerful the buff. (drains mana on use)

                       Skill Progression 1: Does small DoTs on foes within range.
Skill Progression 2: Demotivate Foe: Debuff foes instead of buffing allies.                                                                   Reduce their defense and attack. Closer you are to foe the                                                           more powerful the debuff.

On the Eve of battle

Buff party members increasing their base stats.

                       Skill Progression 1: Add Buff - Increase all buff durations.
Skill Progression 2: Add Buff- Reduces all debuffs.


Copy buffs from target enemy and use them yourself

                       Skill Progression 1: Debuffs you have are applied on enemy target.
Skill Progression 2: Share: share mimic buffs with party.

Supportive Call

Call supportive words to your ally. Increase their accuracy and evasion. 

                       Skill Progression 1: Allies within the calls line of sight are also boosted.
Skill Progression 2: Foes within the calls line of sight have decreased accuracy                                                          and evasion.

Quick Feet


 Slow target  down and increase your movement speed.

                       Skill Progression 1: Changes to an AoE range.
Skill Progression 2: Nearby allies also gain increased movement speed.

Sharp Tongue



A song that pulses damage to nearby foes. Drains mana on use.

                        Skill Progression 1: Increase damage delt.
Skill Progression 2: Reduces mana cost per sec.

Drain Foes


A song that drains the mana of your foes. Absorb the mana for yourself

                        Skill Progression 1: Reduce Cooldown.
Skill Progression 2: Transfer mana absorption to allies.




Makes the caster immune to debuffs and crowd control for a given amount of time.

                        Skill Progression 1: Reflects debuff/CC back onto caster.
Skill Progression 2:Increases skill duration.

Medium armor passive

Increasing armor by medium armor

                        Skill Progression 1: Further increases defense by medium armor.
Skill Progression 2: If medium armor is worn in all slots give a balance of health                                                          and mana.

Mana Regeneration

Increase in mana regeneration.

                       Skill Progression 1: Further increases in mana regeneration.                     
                        Skill Progression 2: Increase in max mana.

Clearing the Air (Ultimate)

Send out a musical pulses that cleanses debuffs from allies. Lifts all crowd control on allies whilst channeled.

                        Skill Progression 1: Slows down foes.
Skill Progression 2: music pulses do damage on foes.

In Tune with Nature (Utility)


Scan the area for any hidden raw materials. 


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    Nagash-Human/Undead Necromancer

    weapon - Grimoire

    Active spells

    Silence of the grave
    Do you hear that? Silence.

    By dealing 5% of your hp to your self, you may target one enemy and silence them for 3 seconds

    Deaths touch
    The touch of death always sends a chill down the spine

    Hit an enemy with a basic attack but inflect necrotic damage  (DOT) for 3 seconds

    Summon grave guard
    The Grave Guard, or Wights as they are sometimes called, are the Undead corpses of long-past heroes and warlords that have been arisen from their graves with a partial flicker of the original soul trapped within, allowing the Undead to fight the enemies of the Necromancer that raised them with the skills and tools of his former life

    Summon a skeleton warrior form any corpses around you. For every ten levels, you may summon an additional grave guard

    Summon table
    Rouges- grave guard assassin. Twin dagger with high crit but low health with stealth 
    Tank- grave guard spear and shield- heavy armour and tower shield but low damage
    Cleric - grave guard healer- Can heal undead or poison living enemies 
    Fighter- grave guard greatsword- high damage and high health but light armour 
    Ranger - grave guard crossbowmen - medium damage but can penetrate armour  

    Bone Cage
    Bones can be used in more ways than just making undead

    Creates a large a large area where enemies take damage and are slowed. The longer you stand in the cage, the higher the snare stacks.

    Soul reap
    Dont fear the reaper, fear me instead
    sacrifice one of your undead to deal 10% of its total HP to an enemy 

    Danse Macabre
    The night is still so young

    buff all undead summons but increasing attack speed by 10% and damage by 5%

    Aspect of the dead knight 
    with death come time and with time come rust

    places a curse on an enemy to rust their armour reduce their armour for 10 seconds 

    Deathly howl
    do you hear the banshee scream

    A ghostly wail is heard on the battlefield deal damage in a straight line and has a chance to add a stun if the targets resistances is not high.

    Hand of Dust
    from the dust you where made and to the dust, you give me power

    Sacrifices a grave guard to gain 20% of its total HP and an armour increase 

    Cures of years.
    Wither and rot like all life

    The target is a curse with accelerated ageing. Lowers the damage of the target and deals damage over time 

    Passive skills

    Death comes to all
    and it comes soon
    you gain a health for every corpse in a ten-meter area.

    For the master
    even in death they still serve

    for each undead, you gain a bonus to health and health regain 

    Weapon use ability

    Words of power
    By speaking the dark language of the dead, the necromancer may give life anew to the undead.

    Increases the health reign of all undead under your control while the spell is channelled

    Ultimate Skill

    Summon Wight king 
    Wight Kings were once ancient and immensely powerful warlords that had at one time occupied the lands of Verra. When imbued with dark magic, these ancient warlords rise from their crypts as Wight Kings, eyes glowing with unnatural life. 

    You may summon a wright king to lead your troops into war. He has medium damage high armour and high health. Give a 5% reduction in all damage to all undead and the summoner

    Utility skill 

    Detect dead.
    After spending countless years scavenging in long-dead tombs, the necromancer has learnt to pick up on undead essences.

    All dead bodies are marked and outlined within 50 meters


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    freespiryt- Vek, Shadow Caster
    Quote:  "Knowledge has much in common, with darkness and shadows.  Both are elusive...ever changing...all consuming...dangerous.  Yet, so very intoxicating..."

    Image result for shadow mage art


    Weapon Use Ability:

    See No Evil-
    flames of shadow envelop the head of the target, causing light damage.  As the target burns, shadows seep into their eyes, granting the attack a 25% chance to blind target.  Afflicted targets have a 5% chance to miss on all attacks.  Can apply 4 stacks of blind (20% max), and lasts 10 sec.  Reapplied blinds do not increase duration, only refresh it.

    Primary Skills:

    Balagog's Dark Spear, (1 sec. cast)-
    caster conjures a spear of solid pitch black, rumored to have been learned from a powerful denizen of a dark plane, ruled by never ending night. Send it flying towards the unfortunate target, causing moderate damage.  As the spear slams into it's target, the icy chill of night sends your foe reeling, staggering them.  Staggered opponents are more vulnerable to slow, increasing slow effects by 20%, lasts 8 sec.  Once staggered, a target cannot be staggered by this spell again, for 8 sec.

    Midnight Morass, (instant cast, 12 sec. cool down)- caster creates a pit of black, inky, writhing tendrils, over a large target area, lasting 12 sec.  Target(s) caught in the area are slowed by 30%, as the grasping darkness ensnares them, impeding movement.  After leaving the area of effect, the Slow effects linger for another 5 sec.

    Umbral Flames, (1 sec. cast)- a simple wave of the casters hands causes cold blue flames to completely enshroud the hapless target, and any enemies within an 8 yd radius, inflicting moderate damage.  The icy flames leech away vitality, inflicting the target(s) with Fatigue, causing all attacks to be slowed by 15%, for 5 sec. (does not stack)

    Night's Embrace, (instant cast)- caster beseeches the night for protection from his/her foes.  Nearby shadows wrap themselves around the caster, teleporting target up to 40 yds. forward.  After teleportation the shadows will continue to cling to the caster, granting Obscurement, causing all attacks to have a 25% chance to miss, for 5 sec. (20 sec. internal cool down)

    Black Ice, (2 sec. cast, 16 sec. cool down)- the caster coalesces the bitter chill of the dark, summoning pillars of black ice to encapsulate opponents within a straight line.  Chilled foes are rooted for 4 sec.

    Ebon Lightning, (1 sec. cast)- crackling bolts of dark lightning spring forth from the casters fingertips, striking all foes within a straight line, dealing moderate damage.  Ebon Lightning has a 20% chance to critically hit target(s), dealing double damage.  Critically hit opponents are Stunned for 2 sec.

    Void Ray, (instant cast, 20 sec. cool down)- the caster points a finger with deadly intent, as a ray of nihilistic energy sears all within a straight line, dealing high damage.  Targets struck by void ray suffer 20% more damage from all attacks, for 10 sec.  All active debuffs on target are refreshed.

    Obsidian Shards, (2 sec. cast)- the caster thrusts his/her hands in the air, with an imperious gesture, as giant shards of obsidian burst from the earth below, piercing all enemies within a 20 yd. radius of the caster, dealing light damage.  Enemies hit by Obsidian Shards are afflicted with Bleed, causing them to lose health over time, for 12 sec.  Bleeds can stack, with each subsequent stack causing the target to lose more health over time.  Reapplying bleed refreshes duration. (4 max stack; 1st stack=5% of max health, 2nd=10%, 3rd=15%, 4th=20%)

    Silent Night, (instant cast, 30 sec. cool down)- caster intones a forbidden curse of the Night Lords, interrupting any skill/spell being cast, and preventing any skill/spell usage for 3 sec.

    Gloom Shroud, (instant cast, 60 sec. cool down)- in a dangerous bid for more power, the caster flings his/her arms wide open, baring their very essence to the shadows.  Infused with newfound power, the caster increases their Mag./Phy. defense by 40%, debuffs/cc's are cleared away, while additionally granting immunity to debuffs/cc's, for 10 sec.  This power comes with a cost, however.  After Gloom Shroud expires, caster suffers Fatigue for 20 sec.

    Passive Skills:

    Nazhira's Solace-
    hailing from some far flung nether realm, the immortal sorceress, Mistress Nazhira, is known to steal the souls of the unworthy who curry her favor. Prove your worth, however, and she will impart a skill that allows you to rob your opponent(s) of their strength, taking it for yourself. 

    All of player's attacks have a 10% to steal a random buff, from enemy(ies).

    Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend- at night, or in dark places, the caster receives a 20% to damage.

    Ultimate Skill:

    Gravity Well, (5 sec. cast, 10 sec. channel)- calling upon the incalculable energies of a dark star, the caster manages to harness a small portion of that might, but only with the most extreme effort.  Channeling the immense forces of gravity at a target location, the caster's spell captures allies and enemies, alike, within a torrent of destructive power.  Those caught in the well's large area of influence, cannot escape, and are gradually pulled inward, toward the even horizon, taking increasingly more damage the closer they get. 

    At the end of the 10 sec. channel, the caster brings the well to it's penultimate state, then releasing it, in a brilliant cacophony of dark power, dealing massive damage to those caught in it's wake.

    Utility Skill:

    Darkvision- Player, and all party members, are granted darkvision, 60 yds.  This is effective within natural, and magical, darkness.

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    Boots of escaping

    Run like Benny Hill.

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