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In game storage?

So anyone know how this will be handled?

One game I played in the past called UO handled this option pretty good IMO.

You got to use a main bank, with a set limit, that way you could store whatever in the bank. Once you got a house to a castle, the size of your place gave you a limit on what you could display there, but you could add boxes or trunks for storage.

Then you have games like WoW, that give you bags to use for storage, you needed to buy more storage slots in the bank, and drop in different bag sizes o keep your items.

Just wondering what's the plan for AoC for how we store items.


  • I'm not sure but I would love to have chests that you get for your house/apartment which will act like a bank. It makes most sense and gives player homes more use.
  • At the moment we know very little about storage types. All that can be said so far is-

    1. Bag space is minimal because caravans will be the primary method for transporting goods.

    2. You can store items in you're freehold

    I personally hope storage units are fairly large because as a gatherer - I need a ton of space xD
    I'm happy bag space is restricted but I do hope my storage isn't! 
  • Mmmm a tunnel that connects your freehold and the city so you can transport your goods underground BUT susceptible to attacks of angry Tulnars who you woke up from sleep with awfully smelly cheese you was transporting.
  • I like the visual bag and bank slots that you can organise (big organiser here). I don't really like ESOs system where they just list it all alphabetically. There are some filters, but I just like things represented visually :)
  • I absolutely remember the UO storage/housing system (oh the nostalgia). imo i think that is the most likely that we will be able to craft storage chests maybe even specific ones for plants, lumber, meat/skins who knows. I wouldnt be offended by having organic items decay over time and maybe an herb drying rack would store herbs but also extend their half-life. you could have this for many different item types.
  • ArcheAge had great housing storage system with those chests.

    What I would improve, is besides only chests, there should also be closets, wall safe deposit boxes, floor safe deposit boxes,... you know different options besides just chests.
  • As someone , who loves to hoard items :smiley: a relatively decent on character bag space would be great - upgrade-able by improving bag capacity through some crafting mechanics, or a few legendary bags from some in game mechanic(extreme difficulty). 
    Should not be set where you can solely depend on your bags but mix it up so that the caravan system does not get insignificant.

    Would be nice to have bag categories (gems, weapons, potions, etc) instead of one single section. But I wouldn't mind either way.

    A universal (character item sharing capabilities - cosmetic and bound items maybe) bank would be nice as storage in your freeholds or nodes.
  • What do people prefer with regards to the representation of bag storage:
    • Visual slots - each item has a single slot and some items can stack within that slot
    • Visual slots - items take up space, multiple slots, ala Diablo; a herb stack might take up one slot but a breastplate will take up six
    • Text list that can be filtered and categorised and space is based purely on numbers of each item carried
    There are more ways to do it, but these three are the most common in MMOs and RPGs.
  • @Bajjer, I am more leaning towards #1 - each item has single slot and some items can stack within that slot.

    That may work out better for items like crafting materials and bag should potentially be more organized with that method as well.
  • I would prefer the WoW style. (haha, second blizzard plug today).

    It's all about the user interface. L2 and ESO were trash.

    I need to easily see the stash, and have a generic organisation button, as well as be able to manually organize it. The stash should populate the majority of the screen while I'm in it, not some 15%.

    Redundant items should ofc be stacked, main gear is not necessarily so. The space should be adequate, or the ability to make it so, that it can support the max number of characters per account. Also, storage space should be fully shared by the account (ie Diable 3).

    Lastly, the items should be easily identifiable by glance.
  • @Bajjer I like the option from Diablo where larger things took up larger slots. I think that crafting items would take up just the one slot and stack to 20 or whatever the stack size is, but for items I like that a dagger takes up two slots but a huge hammer takes up 6 so you have to juggle what you want to carry.

    But I also like there to be different bags for gathering items and for quest items too.
  • I like the idea of having ways to organize my stuff according to the type of stuff it is.  I would not want all of my weapons, armor, house furnishings and other loot randomly mixed with my crafting materials.

    I did like the way EQ2 did storage.  Your bank and house had a certain number of slots each that could not be expanded but you could put bags and boxes and chests in those slots and expand your storage that way.  So if, for example, you had 20 bank slots you could store 20 items.  But if you put a 10 slot box in each of those bank slots you suddenly had 200 storage slots and multiples of the same item were stackable into one slot up to whatever the maximum stack size was..  Also bags, boxes and chests were craftable by players so that was a whole market unto itself.
  • I have to give a shout out to the other UO posts here.  IMO no one has done the inventory thing better than they did.  

    A bag that you could move things around in, regardless of where they were, that didn't require a graphed placement system. It was all item count/weight requirements.  

    Then their housing system did the same thing.  Chests, bags, etc all able to hold a certain amount of items within the house, and the house itself had an item count too.  The item count was really more to do with the capacity of the servers than anything.

    In a world where you can move about freely in any direction, it just seems odd to me to have a graphed or slotted item restriction on inventory.  

    Again, just the Old School Alumni in me speaking.  
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