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Good day, not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I was wondering if I could place my pledge for the Kickstarter. I was deployed all summer and missed the dates. 


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    Unfortunately it is no longer possible to pledge to Kickstarter or the Summer Backer campaign :/ 
    Thank you for serving though!! 
  • @Aedaric, welcome to the community!

    You could help Ashes by purchasing one of the early access keys!
    Unfortunately we have new members learning about the game almost daily now and they have also missed the chance.

    I respect you for your service and relaying that information specifically to the IS team might benefit you, but I would not encourage you to hold your breath for a yes.
  • I was fortunate that a guild mate linked some ashes information into our guild discord back in march of this year and I liked what I saw so started to follow the game. It was a no brainer for me to back ashes the concepts behind the game appeal to me more than any other mmo I have yet played, and I don't back all that many games.

    Since my original purchase I have up graded my KS twice now and put far more money behind ashes than any other game by far, such is my faith in what ashes can become.
    I really do sympathise with those who have come across ashes after the KS had finished I know I would be unhappy at not being able to support this game. All I can suggest is to follow development and when the next opportunity arises to gain access to later beta stages jump right in if you still like what you see as there will be a lot of information when the alpha 1 & 2 phases hit.

  • Everyone has wonderfully answered your question :) I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on the KS and Summer campaign! Feel free to keep your eyes on the store for future packages that appeal to you!

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