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Since we can have second names.... (wow themed)

Alliance family
"Name" of Northshire

Horde family
"Name" of Dorutar

General family
"Name" of Dalaran
"Name" of the Wandering Isle    

Otherwise what would you prefer or want?

Who's with me xD


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    Horde family:
    Starks of Winterspring

    Family head:
    Lord commander Thrall Snow, bastard son of Sylvanas and Malfurion

    Family residence:
    Far north in lands Verra (but not all the way north), huge wall separating their land from furthest north areas of Verra

    Known enemies:
    Lannisters of Elwynn Forest, residing in capital Stormwinds Landing
    Financed by:
    Iron Panda bank, Pandaria
    Led by:
    Varian Lannister

    Neutral family:
    Targaryens of Broken Isles
    Led by:
    Malificus Targaryen, riding on Nithogg
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    On point xD
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