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Your Guild wish list in AoC

Ok this is going to be a long post I think. It's the very thing that doesn't get done right in many games, so I figured lets brain storm this one to death.

Simple question, but not a lot of easy answers. I will begin.

My Wish List for guild is..........

1. Guild Alliances - Have an official way to make guild allies in the game.

2. Guild Wars - We will have siege battles, but how about open battlefield wars?

3. Guild storage - Something you get when you have a castle.

4. Custom Guild Banners/ Flags - We make it, then request it, and it's reviewed and cleared by the DEVs

5. Guild War Mounts - Special mounts your guild rides.

6. Guild made quests/ mission - Something the guild master sets up for the day/ week

7. Guild event maker - Want a party, or doing a social event, give us the tools to make it happen.

8. Guild leveling - Make the ranks in a guild grant you permissions and abilities. Can be tied to guild quests and xp gained.

I know we will have raids, siege warfare, taxes, and a few other things. My thinking is the guild should have things to do, and have a point within the guild. Not just a social club, but able to change the world around it on a bigger scale. Be it a Good Guy Guild, a Bad Guy Guild, or something in the middle. All guilds should have lots of tools to work with how they want to play the game, and help shape the world for the better or worst. Am I asking for too much here? lol


  • We do know there will be systems in place for guilds to progress so to speak though there is not much information on what it will entail. I believe there may be guild halls within the walls of metropolis if the ruler allows you to build them and of course there is the guild keeps if you are able to take and hold one of the 5 such structures.

    Guild alliances would be a nice perk if it gave you some way to identify people who belong to an allied guild, perhaps it could give you limited access to their keep if they held one or their guild hall and some of the services it provides.

    If you can have alliances with guilds why not have enemy guilds, you could declare them as enemies and if you kill someone from an enemy guild there could be some form of reward for it a title or ranking according to how many of an enemy guilds players you have killed. Perhaps there could be some form of list kept that both guilds could see thus they would know who the biggest killer was of their fellow guild members, I know this would be a source of pride for many and endless mountains of salt for others lol.

    Guild storage is a great idea both for castles and guild halls, but what happens when your castle falls do they get to loot your vaults or would certain gear/items or goods be safe from being taken.

    Guild heraldry is a great idea and I would love to see it applied to shields, cloaks, robes, tabards, even armour for mounts. I would like to see it hung from your castle walls and guild halls. Not so sure about real world symbols being used unless they were vetted pretty hard so they didn't break immersion.

    I think guild missions will be a thing to be honest if tavern keepers can put quests up on a public notice board why not have one for a guild.

    I believe it has been confirmed that there will be a form of guild levelling that will unlock perks for the guild members, it has also been hinted at that this system will be quite extensive and there may be choices that need to be made as to what perks will be taken and those that will not.

    There is a lot we can theorize about concerning guilds and what we as a community would like to see done, just need to throw the ideas out there and see if any of them might be picked up.

  • I only wish to find guilds to fight against tbh. 
  • I would like to see guild housing, looks like we are already have metropolis.
    Just a huge place made to support like 100 players that are on the same guild, just some guilds go way over that number. 

    Tera has guild skycastles those are pretty cool.  Havin in game property that actually belongs to the guild, with guild crest, and guild banner.  There could even be guild achievments represented by a crest, statue, or some other ingame graphics.

    Plus for major riads there could be a statute of end boss that lists players names that have that acheivement if you click on it.  Only thing is I think we already have enough buildings which will build  "loose guilds".   

  • Huge guild sea platforms (something like naval versions of castles) where guilds would have naval sieges. Attack and defense, but instead of land siege machinery, full of ship, offensive and defensive fighting around and against the platforms.
  • One more thing I would like to add.

    If we do get a Guild warring system, where Guild A goes to war with guild B, then you shouldn't get flagged with corruption, while under the state of war.

    If members of the guilds don't want to be in the war, then they should be granted non-combat status, but if they are given that, they can not help the other guild mates while the War is on going. So no heals or aiding aloud. The war should be set for a number of days, and once it's over, whatever was being fought for will go to the winner of the war. ( Rights to settle in a new Node zone might be one thing, or mining rights in a zone rich with rare ores and gems as another example.

    With the ally system, you can have an option to request them to help in the war, but again you have to divide up the spoils after the war is over. So you can have Guild A,B,C vs X.Y.Z. and if X.Y.Z 

    Also, part of this war system I am thinking of, you have to setup a battle zone within the zone, and once the battle zone is set, you get to use war machines within that zone. You also get the use of NPC troops while within the zone. No other non-guild people or non-combatant guild members can enter a war zone once it's active, for their own safety of course. lol

    This is just an idea.

  • Granthor said:

    If members of the guilds don't want to be in the war, then they should be granted non-combat status

    No, absolutely not.

    Lol, we can as well separate Ashes to PvE and PvP servers then.
  •   Although the subject was broached before and I believe it was said they were not considering the addition of a guild tax system, I think the idea could use a review.  I've only personally experienced such a system in the defunct mmo, Warhammer online, Age of Reckoning.  No doubt uttering that ill fated name could cause some to turn away from this post, but it was also a feature in the very roots of the MMO genre, namely Dark Ages of Camelot.  No doubt there may have been others who utilized a guild tithe, tax, or dues system, however I can only speak for the one I personally experienced, in WAR.

      The guild tax system in WAR, if I recall correctly, would allow the guild to set a percentage tax on a guild members income, and deposit it into the guild bank for use by those who had access to said bank.

      Moving towards application, I feel this feature can become a useful tool in establishing and promoting a guilds internal culture.  I can see guild taxes benefiting any style of guild, from the hardcore pvp and siege oriented guilds, to crafting and merchant guilds, to even the small casual guilds.  Naturally I believe the feature should be Opt-in, rather than mandatory, but for those guilds who wish to use it, I feel that it helps provide another layer of identity for a guild.

      On the topic of uses for such taxes, the uses are as endless as the use for coin itself.  Pvp and siege guilds will no doubt utilize guild funds for the purchasing of tools of trade; siege equipment, consumables, etc.  For crafting guilds, taxes could be used to help provide rare or expensive components to crafters, or anything else involving their trade.  Even casual guilds would no doubt be interested in utilizing funds to assist guild members with certain expenses.  Guilds with exacting standards and / or excessive popularity and reputation could use taxes as a way to ensure the retention of only the most dedicated.  Additionally, guild coffers can be used to facilitate in-guild and out-guild competitions, contests, poetry slams, social events, fun and general mayhem.

      Almost universally, taxes can be used for social benefits within the guild, almost establishing a sort of socialist (correct me if i'm misusing this term, pol sci majors ^.^) benefit system.  Guilds can also use these funds more selfishly, of course.  Tithing members just because you can will almost certainly come up, and no doubt will be considered an abuse of the system.  Such a problem can be almost expected in some form or another, but I believe, perhaps naively, that public backlash will lead to those guilds being unable to retain or bring on members, and as such it would be a self solving problem.  

      I've mentioned taxes providing a cultural element, and to that point, I believe some explanation is in order.  Taxing on an equal basis, where income is generated based on activity level, means that a guild member is contributing towards the guild at the same percentage rate as others, despite the total value of the contributions being varied.  Thus, each member has a shared burden, a shared ownership, a shared goal, and a shared pride when the guild coffers swell, or are used to purchase an important item.  Every member can have pride in the fact that their contributions, no matter how small, aided the guild, and this can be a great source of cultural and / or shared pride within the guild.  [ now i'm beginning to sound like i'm promoting communistic practices x) ]

      Naturally, some could point to the fact that we can do this without an in game system, simply asking for donations, contributions, or dues to be done by each member of their own volition.  While this is true, I feel that adding an explicit system to handle would help provide legitimization, and eliminate the need to establish a tax collector to run a ledger and oversee the process.  A system would allow players to focus on the game, instead of ruining the immersion and verisimilitude of the game.  No doubt an enforced artificial tax or due structure would be met with poor reception in all but the most populous and /or popular guilds, with very little implementation in smaller guilds.  A certain normalcy and validity will be given to the concept of guild taxes with an explicit in game system, as opposed to an almost extortionate imitating player-run structure.

     Ultimately, I believe that a guild taxing system would be a useful system, enabling guilds to promote their unique culture, and provide for its members.  The concept can certainly be taken in many directions.  Perhaps rather than taking a percentage of income, it could be refined into a periodical fee, regardless of income, or the many sources of income could be tuned to only tax what is felt relevant to the guild's interests.  I personally would rather focus on a percentage income model, as I feel this would be a fair system that only takes what is already being earned during the course of gameplay, irrespective of a players activity level.

      In closing, I feel that guild taxes can add an extra layer of immersion, dedication, and identity to a guild, and its internal culture.  Purchases made with guild funds are derived from all members contributing equally, and can be a source of pride for everyone, and demonstrates a shared ownership, objective, and progress towards improvement, where every member has helped, no matter the size, activity level, etc.
    (this really sounds like a pamphlet for communism >.>)

      Guild taxing system:  non-mandatory feature for guilds to set a variable tax rate that takes a percentage of player income and adds it to the guild coffers.  Alternatively other taxing structures could be used, such as periodical charges, selective taxing, etc.

      Uses: as endless as the uses of coin, but example uses of funds below;
    • A general method for a guild to raise funds
    • Furthering guild specific goals, such as pvp, siege equipment, gear procurement, repairs, crafting materials and gear, caravan guards, etc.
    • Funding social benefits for members, tying into the above bullet point, but also as funding for in guild competitions, contests, guild led events, assorted fun and mayhem.
    • As a way for the guilds with the highest standards to promote dedication to the organization
    • Establishing and promoting a guild's unique culture, giving a sense of shared ownership, purchasing power, and general member pride due to shared contribution towards a goal, item, or feature.
    • Political lobbying (just kidding!  please put down the pitch forks and torches!)  
      The issue of abuse and exploitation will no doubt be brought up, but I feel such a system would be self-correcting due to guild member and public backlash, leading to an abusive guild having no member retention and little if any member recruitment.

    I would certainly love to hear other player's opinions on the matter, and your own ideas for the concept, as well as pros and cons ^.^

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    Im practically for all ideas suggested in this post. Especially if guilds with home bases in the same node could go to war, it could introduce some interesting game of thrones style gameplay. All for it  :D
      Also guild taxes are very important to me, It goes to show your dedication and a good way to naturally increase guild funds as chocmerc mentioned. 
  • with a Guild tax, the one thing you don't have to worry over, is getting money from your membership. People will pay the dues when out doing their everyday thing within the game. You login, the guild tax turns on, your doing whatever in the game. You log off, then the guild takes a % of what was done for the day. This in turn will never go past a tax cap, say something like you pay 2000 gold or 10% for the day as an example. But it's something that will not hurt the funds of the membership, and it only helps the guild in the long run.

    Also, getting things for the guild as a whole, why not do like they do over at STO. The Guild needs a Hall, everyone has to donate the resources to help build it. The Guild needs a mining operation, again the members donate what is needed to build it. I am not sure what will or will not be under the guild umbrella outside of the castle 3 node plan, but I feel if there has to be something made for the guild, the members need to help get what's needed, and you see the fruits of the labor in the game.

    Oh and the money will help pay for the castle guards and the army to use for the siege wars. lol

  • I wish for guild wars to have an actual meaning, instead of a nonsense K/D count that isn't an actual score but rather which guild killed most of another guilds grinders or alts or being a workaround to freely PK people without getting corrupted.
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