SO you can only become part of one town/metropolis citizen at a time? But does that mean also that who ever sells gear or material in that town/metropolis sells it only to it's citizens? Like I can't go shop in another town if I'm not a citizen of that town or does that depend on the government type or rule? Or say I don't commit citizenship to any node, can I still buy stuff from players in shops and in different cities? Also, what are the benefits exactly to citizenship besides owning a house or freehold? 


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    No, that does not mean only people who are citizens can enter or use the node services, unless they are flagged as an attacker during a siege build up. Citizens are automatically flagged as node defenders in the case of a siege. The benefits to citizenship are that you are allowed to take place in the node election process. There most likely will be other passive benefits to citizenship that have not been announced. For example the node mayor decides to fund and build a library, giving a zoi wide exp boost. (nothing confirmed, pure speculation).

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