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Offical Livestream Novemeber 17th Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 

Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during Friday's (17th) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EDT / 11:00 PM UTC / 9:00 AM AEST (Friday). 

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!

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    Can you confirm once again that there will be multiple wipes during the testing phases? We have people arguing that people with access to Alpha 1 will have an advantage over people coming into Alpha 2 if progress isn't wiped at the start of each testing phases, and so on down the line. We have confirmation that testing server(s) will be wiped at launch, just not during the actual testing itself. Since our waiting population has increased greatly, can you calm the masses please.

  • Can we have the option to play the game with an controller (gamepad) ? 

    My girlfriend hates tastatur and she only use controller
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    Will there be gear sets either by craft or dropped in dungeons that will either enhance or provide a different power to players when equipped? Also, will gear level with player level? Say you like a particular gear set but that gear set is only for level 20 and you level your character to level 50, is there a way to increase that gear set to your level?
  • Can you show us summoner archetype, or tell us anything about it?
  • What are you preparing for "role play"? Usable decorations such as chairs and tables?
  • Will players be able to teach certain skills to others? (Star Wars Galaxies, for example)
  • Since this wasn't mentioned on last stream I would like to inquire again:

    Will alpha 0 be playable only in DirectX12 or perhaps in DX11 / DX9 as well?
  • How many players are you estimating being in alpha and beta testing? How many servers will be acquired by then? Reason being, a lot of alpha/beta games get bad rep due to excess server load...
  • If you do drive-by heals or buffs and you are green and the person receiving the heals/buffs is not in combat but purple, will that turn you from green to purple?
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    Will you be giving the alpha 0  testers a guildline or checklist of what you'd like to be tested (Server load, Character creation, loggin in, questing bugs)?  It would be good to know what you'd like us to focus on during the testing.

    Thanks! I hope everyone is recovered from the livestreams. yall rock!
  • There were some cool things in the earlier Kickstarter pre-alpha videos, such as Mage "levitation" ability Steven used to get over town walls. Also rogues/rangers having "parkour" was teased earlier as well.

    So here's the question:
    Given the absence of the Mage levitation ability in the PAX demo, are these movement related abilities something you still plan on implementing? And if they are, can a mage cast spells while in the air?
  • Since there is no fast travel, there has been a lot of discussion about having in-game riding paths, or allowing people to pick a point and afk ride towards that point due to longer travel times. Is this something the team has been talking about? And what are your current thoughts on the matter. Thank you!
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    Will we summon our mounts or need to pick them up from stables? 
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    I know you said "1" Question... But my Girlfriend has two questions before she joins me on the Caravan and I really want her to join me!! So if you wanna answer them it would help me out tons.
    1* Will there be a way to turn of the blood and gore?
    2* Will there be  modest set of gear right from the start and not found in the cash shop?

    Now for my "1" question, I'm a little late to the party and would like to throw some money at you guys.
    1* Do you know when you will be adding new packs/bundles to the store and will the lifetime memberships be returning?
  • will player gear be lootable in open world pvp if killed
  • Will the nodes placement be completely the same in Alpha/Beta as launch or will it be switched up a little to keep exploration alive during the early phases of Release? Otherwise complete maps with which nodes are where will be made and that takes the fun out of the early node development imo.
  • What precautions will be taken against cheating, exploiting, goldsellers, bots.. Fairly short questions but its for me and many others an important one since it breaks or makes an MMO..
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    Can Players interact with environment to dig Holes to hide small amounts of Loot ? ( Depending it's size )

    (EDIT: Not using Shovels)

    I ask this because it'll really make Open World PvP interesting ; Any Player would be able to interact/ make these ... ❝man-made-cubby-holes❞ 

     (will be hard to see close-up & far away) 

    On the bright-side, the Player who made the burial could always come back for it and reclaim their loot ... but if another player knows where it at, they can also get it too ( risk vs reward factor )
  • Hi malgus here I'm turning 21 this weekend and I would like to ask a question that has not been discussed are we able to form guilds from level 1 or do we have wait for a certain node level asking for the checkmate guild EU
  • When a node is being established, will that Node/Town already have its own unique name? Or will that content be named by the one who laid claim?
  • Will Intrepid be hiring any positions that don't require programming/art experience? Maybe a customer service, sales, writing, or testing position? sandal stylist for Steven?
  • Will I be able to decide the location of equipped weapons or items? Example: Having the quiver attaching to my side rather than on my back.
  • Do we still have the ability to equip any weapon as any class, and have both positives and negatives to doing so? Such as, would I be able to be a mage/mage(Wizard? :D) and wield a greatsword? I'm just not sure if this is still being done or not.
  • I am thirsty for lore so that I can begin to RP and story craft when will we begin to see that released to the world?
  • Will there be table-top campaigns released under the Ashes of Creation IP?
  • Has there been any consideration of a Guild vs Guild war mechanic outside of the siege system on the weekends for the castles?  Like the ability for an ongoing no flagging needing kill each other mechanic. 
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    is there any zodiac system which gives buffs and rotates their buffs daily or monthly?

  • Can you elaborate a little on reputation mechanics please? Will there be a reputation tab in the UI with incremental progression from questing etc. or do you have other plans for this system?
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    How will you tackle "old content" when you release (expansions / Updates).

    You have said that the updates and expansions are gonna come in form of node progression of some sorts but will that mean that older content will just be a grind to get to the new content?
    Or will the old content actually still be relevant?
    Or are you going with a "Vanilla WoW" type content so that in order to be "geared" for new content you have to go through old content? what will in that case happen if a person joins the game late and have no one to help / play with because people got tired with old content?

    so sorry for the long post! never looked forward to a game this much, dying over here!
    keep up the good work! <3
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