As a crafter/gatherer whats most important to you?

so as a player who going to focus mostly on gathering and crafting, what’s going to be important to you?  I’m really hoping for a deep and complex experience when it comes to crafting. I would like the crafting skill tree to be hidden, so I will have to keep honing my skill to be able to unlock and see what I can do. I like the unknown aspect of things and I want to have to discover my skill and have to put it to use.  I would also like their to be blue prints that I have to discover to be able to craft higher level gear. It would be awesome knowing that only a select few ppl can craft certain things and you would have to pay  for that skill.

As for gathering, i mostly want a enjoyable experience, because gathering can can pretty boring.  Maybe some kind of gathering skill shot that I have to hit in order to gather more or rarer items.  The one game that I found gathering enjoyable was FFIVX.  I liked all aspect of what they had to offer and very much enjoyed their gathering equipment and skill tree.  Hiting that critical when I was gathering always put a smile on my face.  

So so what are you wants?  What games had it right?


  • Specialisation. Deep specialisation. Able to combine professions.

    And when I mean combine, I mean from the ground up. I might specialise in chest armour, for example. And, if I combine it with enchanting for example, it'll be made from the ground up with the enchant, someone who focuses on enchanting can therefore still enchant the chest. Or incorporate leather, making movement easier without sacrificing strength. 

    Cooperative crafting. To craft truly epic level gear. People need to come together (Like summoners summoning a big creature) Each blacksmith lands their particular expertise, and each enchanter.

    Also add some RNG, not anything stat boosting, but such an endeavour is difficult, and might fail. 
  • Lets take a little look at what we already know about the Artisan Classes.

    We know that players will need to choose their Artisan path and can't be a "master of all ". 

    This means that players will need to choose Gathering, Processing or Crafting.
    Players will then be able to specialize further within those branches which encourages player-interdependence.  

    For me this is a step in the right direction. I love gathering/processing/crafting in games but I've always felt that they lack social content.

    Again I'll focus on gathering because its my passion.
    • Raw materials to be recognised by visual elements only (confirmed).
    • A wide range of materials that can be used in all levels of processing/crafting (none of this lvl 1 material to craft lvl1 item that then becomes useless late in game).
    • To be able to gather all raw materials at a low quality at low level.
    • Low progression/low skill of gathering raw materials has a chance of "damaging the gather". More you gather the better you become at gathering it. 
    • "Damaged" materials to be recycled e.g damaged plants can be used by processors to make a basic crafting material which crafters can use.
    • Progression in the skill tree increases the quality of raw material procs and gathering larger quantities. 
    • Progression in the skill tree increases your skill to be able to gather raw materials in certain seasons/weather/day/night cycles.
    • For different seasons and environments to have different raw materials.
    • An opportunity (yeay for caravans and raw material nodes e.g a mine) for gatherers to group and and work together! (Less stealing each others picks and more of doing caravan runs together...or an evil caravan ambush in which I steal your raw materials too aha jkjk gatherers unite!).
    • Tough "fake" raw material monsters that require a group to kill - result a nice raw material loot for gatherers. Teamwork! 
    • My freehold to be set up as a Raw material store D Come get your raw materials at "The frogs pond: raw material centre". 
    I really want the trade economy from gathering, to processing, to crafting, to merchant stalls to be sociable.

    I want to know who my local gatherers, processors and crafters are and watch them grow and excel in their field.

    I've yet to play a game that does this right and I hope Ashes nails it on the head.
  • @Diura Nice post, in the past almost 20 years there has not been a crafting system in any of the mmo's I have played that has done justice to what crafting as such should be with in the game. It should be the main foundation of the game, not saying that every piece of gear for your should come from crafting but everything else in the world should.

    There needs to be interdependence between gatherers/processors/crafters, working together creating bonds knowing who can make a particular component, or provide a needed resource. Real choices will have to be made as to what areas you will want to specialise in, do you want to gather the rarest of herb's, exotic timbers, rarest of minerals or the most precious and beautiful of gems. 

    Verra needs to be a world where you need something then go see a crafter, we need to raise the city walls, ok we need stone, timber, iron and a myriad other materials, furniture for buildings, the buildings them selves, I need stronger wagons for my caravan. I know who can harvest the spirit wood, then pass it onto a skilled processor, and finally the cart wright. They will all have to be different people, you will need to communicate with, and this will be the case for anything you need built from the gear you wear to the freehold you build in the wilds.

    Yes people will try to be self sufficient and given time some will be able to at least partially accomplish this, but not fully, my hope is that there will simply be too many specialisations and not enough alts for anyone to accomplish this, and I am one of those guys who likes to do it all, be completely self sufficient. My hope is that professions are truly interconnected and will encourage people to communicate and come to accept that working together will make all stronger in their chosen profession.

    Somewhat of a rant but what can I say, I love crafting and all it entails. 

  • I love gathering, crafting is okay. 

    Gathering - should be pretty accessible to everyone. A soldier wandering in the woods could come across a stone that looks valuable. Might be able to extract some with his sword. Tries to sell it. Local merchant, perhaps a miner, perhaps not, still knows what the stone really is. Offers 3 gold and sends the happy soldier on his way. Then goes to his jewel cutting friend and get the idea. Bigger operations require people working together and skilled laborers. Also, natural resources should be located where they might occur, NOT where the high level creatures are! Admittedly, things of value do draw attention, but I'm sick of the gathering format mirroring the creature levels.

    Gathering and crafting should be time consuming. I hate seeing master crafters that also had time to go slay every creature in the realm. Really? Get a job. LOL. Why not make crafting raids? I mean, we have characters that kill huge, crazy large creatures right? They don't do it alone (or shouldn't) so do the same with gather/craft lines. Drop that 1000 year old dragonwood, but you are going to need help, tools, laborers, etc. Sounds like a raid. 

    Crafting, as someone mentioned, should be intricate and detailed, with branching choices that allow people to specialize. It also needs to be able to provide these players with rewards that make this lifestyle choice equal to the hack and slash players. Honestly, a sub contractor system would be cool for large crafts that require a handful of professions. 

    Another point to gathering, this works better without maps all over our interface. IF you wander out and find what could be a potential copper mine or whatever, you should have to draw your own map or remember how to get there and take your chances. One huge problem with resource nodes in nearly every game is static spawn locations. when the devs try random, they can't seem to get the locations to mesh well with the collision of the base terrain, resulting in floating nodes. I would rather see it be a time investment. Some one sees some gold in some rocks, takes a few hours to mine it and decides that is enough. Another person walks by the same spot and sees a small hole and investigates. Determines more ore might be had here and invests far more time to expand the hole. etc, etc. The way to introduce new resources would be through terrain changes, i.e. earthquakes, floods, etc.

    So much you could go into on this. Points are 1) don't do what most other games do resource wise, 2) make it a social profession with rewards and player driven economy, and 3) just make it. I don't think I can handle the handful of FTP mmo's I'm using to distract myself from the time i have to wait to play an enjoyable game again!
  • I'm more into crafting. I just want my name on the gear I craft but that's rarely a thing in mmos and I haven't looked into it for Ashes yet.  :D
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    Gathering: I like what they have done with gathering so far and hope they expand on it. I like how gathering isn't just looking for what's clickable and enjoy how players are going to have to figure out what is gatherable. I'm hoping this would cause the profession to appeal to explorers and reward them for taking their time to look around.

    Processing: i'm fine with processing being simple and functioning a lot like current MMOs crafting systems. One click and you create your product. I feel like processing should be designed for those who are lazy and don't want to craft or gathering. Some complexity can be sprinkled in but i feel like it should be a pretty straight forward profession.

    Crafting: I want this to be complex. One thing i've liked in the past was item components. I like when crafters have to make multiple item components and combining them to create items. I hope the crafting system will be complex to drive people who don't like to craft away and open up the market to those who really enjoy it.
  • The posts above have basically summed up what I want out of the artisan professions – some real depth and intricacy.

    One thing that I do not like, however, is over-specialisation. If I choose a crafting profession such as Blacksmithing (which means I am forgoing the ability to mine and smelt my raw materials) I do not want to have my profession split again into Weaponsmithing or Armoursmithing. Blacksmiths should be able to make everything from weapons and armour to horseshoes and buckles and everything in between.

    If I am choosing a single profession and I become a Master Blacksmith this should mean I have mastered the techniques of working with metal and can make every possible metal item in the game.

  • Elder said:
    I'm more into crafting. I just want my name on the gear I craft but that's rarely a thing in mmos and I haven't looked into it for Ashes yet.  :D

  • For me, the most important thing is that Single players should have the same opportunities in developing the skill level as members of large guilds.
  • Elder said:
    I'm more into crafting. I just want my name on the gear I craft but that's rarely a thing in mmos and I haven't looked into it for Ashes yet.  :D

    Even WoW tells you who crafted something but then, all crafters there are the same. I really hope we could get something more like "Pyre's sword of Strength" or something.  Where your name is part of your sword's name. (at least at higher qualities, when you are really proud of your work)
  • @Blind_Mouse "Why not make crafting raids?"
    Now this sounds like fun! I'm totally game for this. A Node-Wide Crafting Raid or Gathering Dungeon Crawl.
  • One thing I like in some games is the use of gathering tools.  Some games use them and some don't.  I think you should have to have gathering tools equipped in order to gather.  It can be immersion breaking to run up to a tree and then whip an axe out of thin air and chop it down and then the axe disappears.  You should have to have harvesting tools, an axe, mining pick, fishing pole, skinning knife, harvesting sickle, etc., equipped in order to harvest.  They should take damage through use and have to be either repaired or replaced periodically.  Also you should be able to buy generic tools from NPC merchants but to get tools with bonuses (chance to get more or rare items) you should have to get them from a crafter.

    I tend to take that view about crafting for a lot of things.  Basic or generic, it'll do, kind of stuff from NPCs but the good stuff comes from crafters.

    My favorite game for crafting was EQ2.  I loved the minigame you had to play to craft where you have to do certain things to counter reactions that occur during the crafting process or run the risk of the crafting being a failure.  You had to pay attention or risk failure and possibly death because if the craft failed you could take damage.  It used to be a regular occurrence to go into a craft hall and see a couple of dead bodies around a blacksmith forge.  Also there was no <craft all> button where you hit one key and you suddenly had 25 daggers.  I was never a fan of the <craft all> button.
  • I would like size of my bag visually increased when carrying more loot.

    Bag could have 3 predefined looks, small, medium and larger, and this look would change depending on how much loot is inside it.

    It would add to realism. Also people would need to think harder how much loot they wish to carry at once.
  • And I would like there to be no way for someone to know how much of anything I am carrying. Big shock and surprise that Gothix is in favor of a visual cue to show who would be most profitable to force flag and loot. Applying realism arguments to high fantasy is weak kung-fu at best. How do you know that mine isn't a bag of holding, and that I have a whole separate multiverse inside it like Doraemon.
  • And I would like there to be no way for someone to know how much of anything I am carrying.

    Would you like to be invisible as well?

    Oh wait, no need to answer that. :)
  • Noemad said:
    You should have to have harvesting tools, an axe, mining pick, fishing pole, skinning knife, harvesting sickle, etc., equipped in order to harvest.  They should take damage through use and have to be either repaired or replaced periodically.  Also you should be able to buy generic tools from NPC merchants but to get tools with bonuses (chance to get more or rare items) you should have to get them from a crafter.

    I really like this idea. It ties perfectly into the interconnectedness of professions and the whole artisan aspect of the game. 

    I think it would be great to be given a basic tool when you learn the profession:

    • Woodcutting – axe
    • Mining – prospecting hammer
    • Herbalism – shears
    • Skinning –  knife
    • Fishing – pole

    Then, once you hit a certain level (just a little way above starter), to get a bonus to your skill and be able to either have a better chance to gather, or to be able to gather more from a node, you can supplement your natural skill by utilising better tools. Have a number of different grades of tool (at least 3) and have the highest level be quite a specific item to craft with a couple of hard to find ingredients so it is a real choice to use it or not.

    This would be a nice little synergistic system as you would need crafters to make the better tools for the gatherers to gather more to supply to the crafters. You would need these crafts to make the improved gathering tools:

    • Woodcutting – carpenter (shaft), blacksmith (head)
    • Mining – carpenter (shaft), blacksmith (head)
    • Herbalism – blacksmith
    • Skinning – blacksmith
    • Fishing – carpenter (pole), tailor (line) 

    Anything that strengthens the crafting professions, the links between them and their importance to the economy and game, is a winner for me.

  • I think it is very important that harvesting tools loose durability as is confirmed, plus tools should be crafted and of better quality to perhaps give slight bonuses to durability or the materials harvested. Honestly it is just common sense, you need to replace worn out tools all the time and it just interconnects the three professions.

    Of course there should be basic tools you can but to start with but these should be very inferior to what can be crafted, there could be quite the trade in tools that are needed for the different professions, not just harvesting.
  • Happy happy joy joy!!  :)
  • I would love to have a way to craft spells in some way. Like finding runes in ruins and then turning them into spells that other player may not have
  • Haven’t crafted much in any MMOs because the systems have always been so boring and shallow.

    What I am hoping for the most with crafting is that you don’t have to make 10 bronze swords to get points so you can make 10 iron swords to get more points, etc. ad infinitum. Make it more meaningful and make the items, every single item, be desirable to someone for some reason.

    What I am hoping for with gathering is a much more dynamic and interactive system and not just a ride around in a circuit collecting mindlessly. Now while that can sometimes be fun to wind down after a crappy day at work, it is rubbish gameplay. From what they have said they have this aspect well in hand. Crafting is a bit more of an unknown right now.

  • I was just thinking about gathering as it relates to the corruption system, with materials being dropped upon death. Will this encourage gatherers to work together, in so many games there is competition for nodes as such, 1 or 2 hits then move onto the next one. The suggestion is that resources will be more concentrated in ashes, not nodes scattered all over the landscape.

    Will there still be the same competition or will gatherers seek safety in numbers, even if others gathering are not known to them. May there be groups form that will want to discourage lone gatherers from entering their patch so to speak.

    Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this will we see a change in the way people gather in AOC.  
  • @Varkun This is something I've thought about a lot. I do believe it will encourage gatherers to team up and I do believe that's the way it should be! I've grown tiresome of solo gathering and would love to work together with other gatherers to deplete a material resource and defend it!

    I think it would create healthy competition between players once you've established a group- ya know the first group here- 

    Combining gathering and PvP together is a dream come true for me :3

    I look forward to meeting other gatherers and having spontaneous groupings and transporting our materials together.

    And the meaningful conflicts that will arise :333

  • Yes I guess that is true if you harvest the materials as a group if there are enough people you may be able to move as a group with mules. It does open up some interesting dynamics with group play, gathering was always such a solo thing in most games I have played, with the exception of vanguard.

    There will be some interesting game play opportunities in ashes and its such a refreshing change.
  • We also have to remember that gathering is going to be a more collaborative part of the game than in some other MMOs (such as ESO) because you can't gather everything yourself. 

    So we very well might have parties of gatherers with a mix of miners and herbers and other gatherers who can clean up an area and provide safety in numbers.

    I plan on focusing 100% on blacksmithing (I have always been a total gatherer in other games so a big departure for me). You better believe I will be spending time with my miners travelling around while they gather to help protect them so I can make the best gear for my guild.

    I really envision a much more symbiotic community of crafters and gatherers to evolve pretty quickly.
  • Yeah, gathering will probably be done in groups and not solo, unless it's a very strong player as well. Still doubt they can defend against a group. If the resource is very valuable, it would definitely cause conflict. I wonder if there will be an indication if a source is close to depletion.

    Some people could share, but I imagine there will be groups that discover a resource area, "claim" it, maybe then ask for gold or payment from anyone who wants to gather there as well, or kill them if they don't. And then a new group comes in because they want to take over.

    Should be interesting what kind of interaction happens.
  • I am wondering here, if resources do get depleted to extinction, will there be a maximum cap of, say, iron on a server? Will there be periodic earthquakes or something to replenish sources? Would we be able to supplement our iron supply by melting down old/broken gear?
  • Give me a good pack mule, and a pickax that's all I need. lol
  • What's most important to Pooka for gatherers?

    Pooka thinks being able to take a resource from the ground.....and out it into your inventory.

    Pooka's one gold is worth more than your one gold. 
  • I hope that they make the crafting very complex similar to how SWG was. Being the best crafter meant something in that game. Simply taking a few items and combining to make a object is rather boring and meaningless.
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