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In-Game Bounty System?

I was thinking that it would be really cool is Ashes incorporated a Bounty System kind of like capture the flag. In certain cities or villages a player could do some illegal stuff like stealing or pking and at a certain amount of infamy, wanted poster would show up for other players to see.
When a player engages in combat with the wanted individual there would be a point at around 5% health where the wanted gets downed (sort of like Guild Wars 2 bgs) and the player gets to choose whether they kill or capture the person. They would then get a blurred screen and the whoever captured the player would have a rope or force follow enabled and would have to lead that person back to the designated city/village for a reward. Sort of like the caravan system.
If the person who is captured is in a guild or has friends, they could try to find the person, kill the captor and free their friend (or if they are so inclined, steal the rope and turn the person in themselves)
I think in this case there would also be a time limit in place for how long a person stays bound and immobile where they had a rng opportunity to escape/fight back.
The only iffy part would be if the person regenerates health after capture or if it only goes up to about 50%.

I thought it would be an awesome idea for the game! Anyone else think so?


  • This is already planned and in development as part of the corruption system.
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    Oh! Wonderful. :D
    But it does not include an actual capture system. All it is is killing and bounty hunters but wheres the bounty besides smacking the person for their "chance" at weapons/gear?
  • They haven't even confirmed gear drops. Corruption over a certain level has a chance to drop/destroy gear was the original quote. This was an early quote before the system was in place. It may turn out they make it so you can't loot equipment at all, or just random destruction upon a certain level of corruption being reached. Some of the more vocal "I wanna be able to kill whoever I want, whenever I want!" advocates have said "I will just unequip my gear or put it in the bank to stop it being lost!". So expect a different mechanic possibly upon release. Possibly a cursed gear mechanic or the destruction of gear will take place as they reach certain plateaus. There is no jail system planned. Penalties for impacting others play through the corruption mechanic is all. Expect gold bounties to be nominal at best to avoid exploiting. Because if there is a way for someone to workaround a system, they will abuse it.
  • To limit the chance of abusing the system when a person has a bounty on them.

    When they are Killed / Captured. Their body / corpse must be brought to the authorities in order to collect the bounty. 

    Once turned into the authorities they could be locked into a jail for X amount of time according to the severity of their crime. While they are locked up they are not able to leave the prison till their time is up.

    This will slow down the ability to abuse the bounty system and make it more of a hasle than it is worth.

    As far as looting corpses of people with a bounty on severe crimes where a random loot option is possible it could be turned over by the authorities as an extra bonus on top of the payment. If people abuse the system and go around naked till people collect the bounty on them thinking this way they won't lose loot, Random loot could be derived from not just their corpse but their storage as well. This adds a level of realism in which when a person gets arrested their houses can be searched by the authorities.

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