RP guilds and guild leader Please write down your contact info here

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I am trying to get guild leaders and guilds together so when the game gets closer we can start planning for the future on which server we wish to all join together and create some IC alliances and rivalries.

Info should be submitted below. With a small description of what your guild or you will be doing in AoC or interested in.

Gray Sentinels GM- Anduin Kayvaan
Discord Info: Kayvaan2037#6168
Interest: Node Building and Politics


  • HalgraveHalgrave Member
    Another location this may be accomplished at is the Unofficial RP Community site, http://ashesofcreationroleplay.com/ :)
    Are you an individual or a guild looking for a growing RP community for Ashes of Creation?  Join us over at http://ashesofcreationroleplay.com/
  • AnduinKayvaanAnduinKayvaan Member ✭✭✭
    Halgrave said:
    Another location this may be accomplished at is the Unofficial RP Community site, http://ashesofcreationroleplay.com/ :)
    Already tried to get in there working on things and it is very inactive. The point is to get people in connection with one another without having to use an outside forum.
  • MaquiameMaquiame Member ✭✭✭
    Amaziah Hadithi, "The Strength of God's Legend"

    Guild : Blade Kings, we are an rp-pvp guild that will primarily consist of Vaelune humans. Elves and Orcs are welcome.

    Discord: Swordaint#2786

  • MargoshikMargoshik Member ✭✭✭✭
    А с какой целью интересуетесь?))
    Делай, что должно и - будь, что будет!
  • Fire_FrenzyFire_Frenzy Member
    The Ronin Legion. 
    We are primarily a mercenary guild but to fulfil that role even in practical in game terms means roleplaying our role.
    Discord: Fire Frenzy#5179
  • NevrusNevrus Member
    Thousand Tales.
    A US-based adventuring group centered around an eponymous tavern, dedicated to starring in stories of legend for the sake of it- as well as collecting all the tales and information of the realm in one easy, profitable place!
    The best place to join up would be the thread for it on ashesofcreationroleplay.com, 
  • BlueMoonJourneyBlueMoonJourney Member ✭✭
    The Wonder Clan - GM KittyMeowzzz
    Discord: https://discord.gg/aPbpTW
    We are looking to involve all aspects in the game from RP to PvP and my favorite PvE! We will have a place of honor for anyone who joins our worthy cause, we will forming in Alpha 1 as a small rag tag group looking for other guilds to form a treaty or pact for the lands of Verra, we look to protect and serve those who dwell there whether it be from the elements or the other nations and guilds looking to destroy or manipulate the battle field. I have personally spoken to many other guild leaders and would like to hear from more to form allegiances and secure trade routes. Come join us today and I'm sure you wont regret it!
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