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RP guilds and guild leader Please write down your contact info here

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I am trying to get guild leaders and guilds together so when the game gets closer we can start planning for the future on which server we wish to all join together and create some IC alliances and rivalries.

Info should be submitted below. With a small description of what your guild or you will be doing in AoC or interested in.

Gray Sentinels GM- Anduin Kayvaan
Discord Info: Kayvaan2037#6168
Interest: Node Building and Politics


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    Another location this may be accomplished at is the Unofficial RP Community site, :)
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    Halgrave said:
    Another location this may be accomplished at is the Unofficial RP Community site, :)
    Already tried to get in there working on things and it is very inactive. The point is to get people in connection with one another without having to use an outside forum.
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    Amaziah Hadithi, "The Strength of God's Legend"

    Guild : Blade Kings, we are an rp-pvp guild that will primarily consist of Vaelune humans. Elves and Orcs are welcome.

    Discord: Swordaint#2786
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    А с какой целью интересуетесь?))
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    The Ronin Legion. 
    We are primarily a mercenary guild but to fulfil that role even in practical in game terms means roleplaying our role.
    Discord: Fire Frenzy#5179
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    Thousand Tales.
    A US-based adventuring group centered around an eponymous tavern, dedicated to starring in stories of legend for the sake of it- as well as collecting all the tales and information of the realm in one easy, profitable place!
    The best place to join up would be the thread for it on, 
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    The Wonder Clan - GM KittyMeowzzz
    We are looking to involve all aspects in the game from RP to PvP and my favorite PvE! We will have a place of honor for anyone who joins our worthy cause, we will forming in Alpha 1 as a small rag tag group looking for other guilds to form a treaty or pact for the lands of Verra, we look to protect and serve those who dwell there whether it be from the elements or the other nations and guilds looking to destroy or manipulate the battle field. I have personally spoken to many other guild leaders and would like to hear from more to form allegiances and secure trade routes. Come join us today and I'm sure you wont regret it!
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    Knights of Ethuna 
    GM: SmakZac

    Forged by the fires of war Knights of Ethuna is an RP/ PVP/PVE Guild. Years of past experiences have helped us create an RP environment optimal for character development. Knights of Ethuna is a militaristic society, from the age a child can wield a weapon they begin their training. Once they reach the ages 7-12, they are taken from their families and brought to our academy where they will be taught to be the best they possibly can be. With 200 years of refinement, only the strongest survive in our ranks. If you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Warrior join our Army, our Family! 
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    Brief About Me and Mine:

    I am Kasus Cloud, currently spearheading an attempt to organize a number of wandering Roleplayers (experienced and otherwise notable) into a group to join Ashes of Creation. We're a mixed bunch, mostly adults, but we all share a love of RP. We'd be happy to welcome any new members to our organization.

    Our Roleplay Group:

    Omega Coalition

    Area of Operation:

    • Politics
    • Merchanteering
    • Adventuring
    • Some Military-Based RP
    • PVE
    • Some PvP
    • Casual-friendly
    • Weekend Warriors
    • Mature Group

    History of Omega:

    "It started with a belief, that however feeble we might be alone, we would be stronger together; that when we work together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I won't soon forget the words of that man. I won't soon forget how he changed my life.
    The Omega Coalition was created to promote prosperity and commerce in the lands in which we operate, to unite allies in these lands under a common goal, and to defend it against the things which the common folk can't fight.
    And most days, it doesn't come down to more than merchanteering and ambassadorial jobs in dealing with the local political figureheads, securing goods and services, and improving existing processes. But there's also the times when our work is needed out there in the fields, as adventurers scouting out new lands or dungeons, or as defenders or hunters, eliminating threats beyond the scope of normal guardsmen. There's many jobs in the Omega Coalition, but in every field you will find a sense of camaraderie.
    Yes, Camaraderie. One of the four virtues which serve as the foundations of our order, or as we refer to them, our Pinnacles. Camaraderie, for us, means that your fellow Omegas are treated like family. Because we are your family, and just as we'll have your back anytime you need us, there will be many times when we'll need you as well.
    Appearances are everything to us, as a large part of our effectiveness depends on how we appear to the local populace, and at times, what the local populace doesn't see. That's why we trust in your ability to maintain our second pinnacle of appearances.
    Trust, our Third Pinnacle. No great organization is built without trust. If we can't trust you, or you can't trust us, then this organization is bound to fall apart. It's as simple as that.
    Finally, Integrity. This one stands apart, as there are a number of ways one can show integrity. Whether it be getting your missions done routinely without any issues, or going above and beyond in your field. Deeds before words, and words only with intent of improving our order. That is integrity.
    You'll find many peoples within the Omega Coalition, from many different backgrounds and with many different personas. If you're looking to make a difference in our world, this is where you should start. We look forward to hearing from you." 
    ~Kasus Cloud, Ranking Official of O.C.

    Roleplay Genre and What to Expect:

    • Textplay Primary, with occasional rolls, DG and DMing.
    • All Roleplayers Welcomed, veteran and new blood.
    • Expect a laidback OOC with an almost college-like atmosphere of IC within a Big Business Guild.
    • Expect *occasional* bad guy monologue and D&D styled fights. Our major battles will be hyped up well beyond level 9000.
    • Every character will/should have a place within the group. We want to give every character a chance to be a part of something spectacular.
    • Expect occasional humor and pranks. We're a laidback and occasionally goofy bunch, it's our only saving grace from the monotonous grind of our white collar jobs.
    • Expect good and bad consequences for actions taken in RP, and in rare and significant cases, character death. Our characters aren't gods nor do we give them copious amounts of plot armor; if characters make enough mistakes or pick one too many bad fights, they're liable to end up dead, as there's only so much we can do to save a character without derailing a story. It should be emphasized that there will also be good consequences, such as promotions, regalia, fame, special plots, etc. What I mean to say is, when it's your time to shine, your actions will matter. We don't wanna have a bunch of wall flowers following one hero. You're all beautiful heroes and heroines. Or Demons and Demoness. You know, you can be evil too, we won't judge.

    Application Services:

    All applications will go directly through myself and my trusted allies. If you are interested in hearing more about our organization, contact us via DISCORD as per below.

    Dustan Hache#3454

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    The Cadmean League
    GMs: DeepDashing and Aiveleen.
    Contact: Website coming soon.
    Interests: crafting and trading.
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    Crimson Knights GM: Silver Knight
    Discord Info: None
    Interest: To help players and resolve disputes; politics; adventuring; military based rp; pve; casual.

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    I am the Shogun of The Ronin Legion

    We are a part RP part functional within the game based guild as The Ronin Legion provides mercenary services. We intend to engross ourselves into the world wherever we reside (as we are based on more than one game).

    Ashes of Creation will be our main focus on PC.

    The Ronin Legion - GM: Fire Frenzy

    Interest: Mercenary/Nomadic lifestyle

    My Discord: Fire Frenzy#5179

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    I am Dailo, Leader of the Seven Deadly Sins of Verra, the Goat Sin of Lust!  I want to create a small guild of adventures to join me in a mixture of PvP and trading, We will also engage in node development and maybe even slight mercenary work. The goal is to lend our arms to a larger guild in an alliance and help defend a castle. The other Sins are Meliodas, Sin of Wrath and Escanor, Sin of Pride. We need four other members to pledge themselves to the guild, and the game, as we have to be the strongest 7 to live up to the name! 
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    BainSamryn HammerSpirit
            A founding member of Dwarvenholt (all dwarven guild), a guild focused on activities promoting comradery including crafting. Includes the building of Khazad-Dum, our home for clan and all Dwarves. I came across this game and there mention of nodes for towns especially underground nodes.
    Two games worth mentioning we participated in :
    • Istaria- alpha all the way into release
    • Vanguard - Saga of Heroes= guild beta into release
    I will be monitoring the nodes progression of the game, (nodes) lholding  off committing web sites and forums, until I'm certain of what's promised reflects actuality.

    BainSamryn HammerSpirit - Dwarvenholt
    Contact via forums

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