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The Website needs some work.

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The Website needs some work:

The Navigation Header on the Main Page is inconsistent with the Navigation Header on rest of the pages. The Forums Page is missing the Navigation Header. This could be fine but there should at the very least be a option to return to the Main Site.

Honestly you folks, should just make the Navigation Header standard between all the pages. Each page could have it's own Banner. This includes the Forums.

The inconsistency of navigation gives it a very amature feel and does not lend to the confidence in the project. I do not say this to be critical, rather to be constructive, cause I wan the game to succeed.

The initial feel it gave me was if they cant work on proper website navigation headers how will they do with the game. This is not the impressions you want to leave people when they first visit the site.

Other than those things the website looks great, those things tho are pretty important and shouldn't be hard to fix.

Cheers looking forward to playing this game. Please make the website worthy of the project. I say this with Love.


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    The page will get rework I think they already said so just wait.
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    Website is fine, the forum software is cheap and ancient though.

    There are no items in the shop currently due to the wrong shipping calculator that will be fixed on monday.

    There is a sticky explaining why the shop is currently offline.
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    Fiastos said:
    The page will get rework I think they already said so just wait.
    I've got no major issue with it just wanted to give some friendly advice as I want the project to do well. It's more for them than me thing.
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    It's important for first impressions I'm sure they'll have it fixed up when the game launches.
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    So I want you all to decide what you want more. Whatever features they WOULD HAVE worked on while fixing website. Or whatever features they work on for the game instead of the website?
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    Nah, it is more of a confidence thing. "I only hire the best people with years of experience, more than other startups!" has been the mantra from day one. But even though we were told they got some crackerjack web design people that have joined the team we are still waiting months later for basic functionality to be fixed or upgraded. The list of broken things on forums is long, and that is due to them going with open-source freeware for their forums to save money in the beginning. Providing a free resource for the community to interact has never been a priority. It is not their primary source of disseminating information and likely never will be. If so you would see me referencing forum quotes from Steven rather than Discord blurbs.

    I also agree with the sentiment that I would rather have them working on getting the basic core functions of the game in place at this point rather than devoting time and energy to stuff like web design and functionality. But as someone pointed out above, since they are trying to guerrilla market this thing to the masses by not spending money on traditional advertising and instead using their strategy of getting web content creators to promote it through word of mouth and referrals, it does get important that new people looking at the website for the first time don't think it is some fly-by-night cash grab as so many others have been.
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    Exactly. They need to keep the people that are coming in to keep coming.

    Also fixing header drop downs is not exactly rocket science and it does not take that much effort to fix something like that. But first impressions at this stage of the game is very important.

    The more people come in and are impressed the more they will spread the word and draw more attention.

    The more people come in and see simple fixes to something as simple as wesite navigation being off it sends out the wrong message.

    Now I'm not a web designer but I have done some of my own websites for games that I have played and fixing Headers for website navigation is not that hard.

    And fixing broken links to drop down navigation links is not hard either they should be simple fixes.

    As a new comer and noticing what I did in just the first moment of navigating the website I can say it leaves a bad impression. 

    Website navigation should be consistent from page to page and common links that will be used a lot like lets say the links to the forums are not links that should be broken.

    If I can do this for the armature websites I have done then this is definitely something that people will be like WTF when a game company can't make their website flow properly and have broken links on dropdown cells that get used regularly.

    Current Header for forums no return link to main site:

    Could be:


    The Main Page is inconsitant with the rest of the site:

    Current Main Page:

    Could be more consistent with the rest of the site like this:

    For the most part the website looks great so it's a shame that a few things that are simple to fix takes away from that.


    In the short time that I posted on reddit and here they have already fixed the broken link to forums which is great :) So the right people are either listening or it was something they were aware of and fixed it. Amazing response time.

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    Nah, the website upgrade was already scheduled to roll out this week. They just are doing it in this weird piecemeal system over a couple days instead of all at once. I guess it gives them added flexibility to rollback something that doesn't work as planned easier. Should have all new shiny bells and whistles by the end of the week.
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    Nice good to hear. :)
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    Hi there, thanks for the feedback
    • Forums Page Link (Not the Main Page: Leads to: Whoops! parseerror. - this was reported to Intrepid and should be now fixed.
    • Store Page No products were found matching your selection. This gives the impression that there are items to get but the page has a bug. If there are no items available yet say so. - currently, the store was taken down due to an issue with the UPS shipping calculator and should be back up in the next week. you can check the announcement's thread for a update on that one smile

    p.s. i'll move this to tech support.
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    Thanks yeah I have updated the post made here and on reddit.

    Sorry I probably should have put it in here in the first place but still getting used to the forum format here. 

    Overall I think the forums and the website looks great for the most part and made these post casue I want new people visiting to come here with awe rather than concerns :)
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    Store is up again you guys are fixing things in record speed :) Impressive.
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