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Was forum login impossible for everyone during previous day?

I kept getting "Whoops parsererror" message every time I tried to sign into forums.

I could access my own account page, and account settings, but when I entered the forums I wasn't signed in, and when I tried, I got this parser error message.

I actually saw people posting through yesterday (maybe people who don't log off ever).

Today, same like the error started (out of the blue), out of the blue it started working again. And I changed absolutely nothing here, so It was something on server side.

This is why I'm curious how other people managed to log in and post, and I couldn't.


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    edited November 2017
    Or if it's some specific condition, I would like to know how to avoid it in the future.

    Oh yeah, I should add that I tried to access forums from both PCs in my home. On both, same error.
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    Yep that was a reported issue to Intrepid if your still having issue's logging on the forums please let us know.

    From what i saw it only affected people who logged off, or don't stayed signed in permanently 
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    As this issue has been resolved i will be going ahead and closing this thread, if you run into any more issue's with the website feel free to open up a new thread :smile:

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