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Will there be some kind of 1v1 based on points/rank?

Since this game has so many features from Lineage2, I was wondering will there be something similar to Grand Olympiad from Lineage2? There was a feeding problem, but I don't think that's too hard to solve.

Another was of doing this would be arena with elo system, maybe even without items (BnS style) or with items, both ways would be interesting.

So my question is - will there be something like this in the game?

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    In addition to the Discord quotes below they have addressed this in a couple of the livestreams early on. While they will be looking at balance breaking skills and abilities, they don't plan to try to balance for 1v1 extensively, there will always be a class that has an advantage over another in 1v1. They are looking at balance for larger group rankings.

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