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Should there be NPC caravans?

Yes we will see Player generated caravans, both Land and Sea. But will we see NPC generated caravans too?

I know Player driven ones will make a PvP zone around it, but why not make NPC only ones generate a PvE zone around them?

Just an idea, and mainly it's an idea for people that don't do PvP period, and it gives them something to go after as a PvE only type of thing.

Your Thoughts?


  • That'd be neat.  Though, I can see people fighting over them like crazy, which would be fun.  They could also make it like one of those Public Events where it scales by amount of people.
  • Ummm...there are. Not all caravans are player generated. Some are generated due to trade agreements between nodes, and also as part of quests. Will they be as lucrative to loot as player stocked ones? Probably not. But they have stated at least twice that there will be npc controlled caravans.
  • But I was thinking, those caravans are still player controlled? The mayor of one town, too the mayor of the other town. A.K.A the trade agreement. And they would still use players to move what is needed. But I could be very wrong in my line of thinking.
  • Granthor said:

    why not make NPC caravans generate a PvE zone around them?

    If rest of the world will otherwise be fully perma PvP flagged, then I have no problem with caravans with PvE zones around them de flagging you.
  • Honestly, I can see people ambushing PvE players trying to do normal caravans for fun anyhow. And as @UnknownSystemError pointed out, they should already be planned. Remember, it is a dynamic world that is constantly changing, with no two servers alike. Prepare for the awesome... in two years or so, but hey.
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    Sometimes it will be just a free loot for the swift ones, so it will be too easy and not fair to all other players who haven't been close enough to see it coming. Moreover some players would do nothing but just wait for the NPC caravans and the game will turn to infinite "fight back the payload" match.

    Sry my russian english.
  • Well who said the NPC caravans will be easy to take down. If they are generated by the town mayors, then you can bet they will not be easy to take down. Then you will have the mad rush to go after player caravans, cause I bet they will be the easier of the two to loot. Just you watch.

    But in any case, I will not make it easy for you to raid mine, who said you can only do one at a time? hehe

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