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Inventory and storage space (and possible pay for convenience)

Will the inventories and storages of the gamers be big enough to enjoy the game? There are games that make money out of selling inventory/storage expansions (which they label 'pay for convenience'). In reality it is a pay to win element in my opinion.


  • well, they won't be selling storag spaces or slots for real money. They advocate against all forms of pay for advantage. Though they haven't revealed the actual inventory system
  • correction: they have and haven't. The inventory is a slot system currently from videos but may not be the same later
  • I don't think they will make us pay for extra inventory space. I am curious to see how they handle storage. For instance, in WoW, you carry everything with you but can deposit in the bank later while in GW2 you can take minerals in your bag and direct deposit into the bank anytime, anywhere.
  • I'm pretty sure that it will be base on a "weight" mecanic. Since guild or mercant will have to use caravans to move a lot of objects it would be irrelevant if anyone can carry a lot.
  • Inventory will be based on weight and not currency.  There will be limited space to encourage using caravans and mule mounts.  
     This is also tied to backpacks, which can be crafted to hold more items.  For more info check out these wiki links

  • I'd like it to be related to strength, or have an In-game currency, hard to make, expensive enchanted backpack 
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