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Server Histories

We know that each season in game will last one week irl, with the change in seasons passing during the weekly maintenance downtime. 

We can reasonably conclude then that a month out of game is one year in game. My question is, will these years be cumulatively recorded, and will significant events be associated with their corresponding dates- such as sieges and the defeat of epic-level bosses? And if so, will there be an in-game repository (like an archive) where players can review the history of their world?

I think adding something like this to metropolises, perhaps via a library or archive building, would be useful for those people who join the servers later on, and gratifying to those who helped shaped the events written therein.


  • I do like the idea of recording world shaping events and it has been discussed in other threads in the past. I would also like to personal logs or diaries that contain things like your personal world map with notes for your own points of interest. A listing of events and achievements the character has taken part in.

    Major events should be noted down for nodes would be nice to go back and discover the history of the area and all of the struggles faced by the collective citizens.
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